By Funmi Ajumobi

There are different types of leaders we now have in Nigeria. We have transactional leaders, changed leaders and transformational leaders. A transactional leader transacts with the people he is leading. He does things based on what to benefit. He weighs his actions and does only the things that will bring personal joy to him not considering the people around him. He is filled with the spirit of me, myself and I.

Centenary-leadersA changed or agent of change leadership are bent on changing things from their stereotype ways of doing things with the aim of giving equal opportunity for development while A transformational leader on the other hand intends to transform. He wants to make life better for the people around him. He is not selfish. Transformational leaders want majority of the people around them to be happy. They hardly care about themselves but they always desire to bring out the best in the people around him.

You and I happen to be leaders at different levels of life. We have too many people who transacts with their positions. Most of us in the country do not have the best interest of the nation and her people at heart. We are more conscious of our individual selfish need and aspirations. We need a new sense of doing things in Nigeria. If Nigeria will ever get better you and I must think deep about our influence on the people around us. Are we leading because of what we will benefit? Will they follow us if they had a choice?

We must stop the: me, myself and I attitude in us and embrace a sense of selfless service in every area we find ourselves. The decisions you make on daily basis has an effect on the people around you especially our children. Think of how other people will feel before taking steps as the election approaches. You know yourself better than anyone will know you. Are you a transactional, a changed or a transformational leader?

Nigeria can be the most powerful nation on earth by year 2040 if sincerely become a transformational leader or a changed leader wherever you are today.

Current affairs and kids

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  1. The fastest means of transportation is by air

  2. The country Nigeria is in what continent? Africa Continent

  3. Nigeria became a republic in October 1963
  4. The three major ethnic group in Nigeria are Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba
  5. The means of talking and writing to one another is communication
  6. The total way of life of a people is called Culture
  7. The Apex bank in Nigeria is Central Bank of Nigeria
  8. Goods sent out in Nigeria for sale to other countries are known as Export
  9. The largest city in West Africa is Ibadan
  10. Where two rivers meet is called a Confluence



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