By Funmi Ajumobi

Someone gives you “a taste of your own medicine” when they act towards you the same way you act towards others in order to teach you a lesson about the way you are acting. If a man acts rudely to others, for example, acting rudely back to him would be giving him “a taste of his own medicine.”

Most medicine does not taste good; “your own medicine” is the way you act towards other people; you get a taste of your own medicine when you taste what it feels like for others to have you act towards them the way you do. Example (this is aggressive): “I saw you pushing my brother yesterday… maybe I should give you a taste  of your own medicine!” It is like medicine because you think it is good for the other person to learn that they are treating others unfairly, even if the lesson does not taste good. Example: “He’s always interrupting people when they are talking; what he deserves is a taste of his own medicine!”

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