By Funmi Ajumobi

I was having a little meltdown the other day when I saw this picture of an actual rainbow taken after a storm. It was breathtaking and so beautiful and more than just aesthetics to my eyes. It reminded me that there’s always a rainbow at the end of a storm and the mere thought of this set a cushion to my troubled mind. It’s okay to have little meltdowns every now and then because they serve to prepare us for the joys which we will experience when the rainbow finally appears; and it most certainly does.

The rainbow shows us that there’s beauty in the storm. At the time of the storm it seems like we’re stuck in a dark place, and sometimes we get overwhelmed, but somewhere in the midst of that turmoil going on in our heavy hearts, if we just persevere a little longer, then we get to see that it was actually worthwhile.

In order to see the rainbow and enjoy its beautiful view, we have to be patient until the storm is over. It is human nature to try to run away from the storm which could be anything that takes us out of our comfort zone and it is normal to try to wish it away. Nevertheless, there is nothing more beautiful than growing out of a difficult situation and not breaking even though we are bent out of it.

There’s always light at the end of a tunnel and this is what gives us the strength to go through life’s challenges without letting them destroy us. The hope of a rainbow just behind that stormy wall gives us the will to keep trying until we’re able to break it down.

Growth does not happen overnight and we can’t expect to enjoy the victory at the end if we try to jump the process. There’s a process that comes with moving forward and achieving something. Sometimes, it involves change which is not usually comfortable at the start but if we desire to get the thrill of the rainbow then we need to earn it. Life works that way and accepting and walking through the storm with the determination to pull through sets our minds in the direction of triumph.

So, if you’re experiencing anything unpalatable or short of what you desire at this time and you’re struggling to pull through, remember that there’s a rainbow you can’t afford to miss, when it’s all over.

Push on and know that what you’re going through would be nothing compared to the joy that will come when you finally get a glimpse of that beautiful rainbow that awaits you in the end. Also know that you’re becoming better and stronger in spite of your struggles and don’t forget to dance in the storm, in preparation for the rainbow that’s anticipated.

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