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Goldie’s last days

You’ve heard that phrase before, “Live every moment as if it was your last.” In this season, as we remember singer, Goldie Harvey who passed on last week, it now more than ever before bears repetition. If the ‘Touch my body” singer knew that she was nearing the end of her days on earth, would she have done things differently? It’s quite difficult to say; because the dead don’t talk. But as we go through the last days of Goldie Harvey, perhaps you can answer that question for yourself.

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If celebrities were valentine presents…

Tiwa Savage would be chocolates, black on the outside, yummy on the inside. D’banj would be ice cream; his shades would prevent him from melting in the sun. M.I would be a teddy bear…just a bit taller. Dr. Sid would be designer mouth wash, it’s quite hard to give up being a dentist. Two face would be a coin; it’s not hard to imagine why. For P-square, it would be hard to tell, they’d be wrapped in a square box.

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You could call them Nigerians (2)

“Why did you not mention Abdul Mutallab?” someone commented, after reading last week’s article. The rest of the world does not need our help dragging our nation’s name in the mud; they’ve got that covered. But we as Nigerians need to be reminded that no matter how little the connection might be, there are stars out there whose roots are intertwined with ours. Now, even though the ‘L’ in Samuel L. Jackson does not stand for Lekan, there are a lot more Naija on the international scene.

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A wife for Wale Ojo

Wedding bells are fast approaching for the ‘Phone Swap’ star, Wale Ojo. In an interview with Vanguard, this Nollywood hunk hinted that he has found the love of his life and is very likely to be married next year. Wale even confesses that one of the reasons why he relocated from the United Kingdom to Nigeria was to find his missing rib. Talk about the journey of a thousand miles…well, a good wife is hard to find! No wonder Wale is tightlipped about the lucky lady’s identity.

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Why did she kill her husband?

When I read the news about the woman who confessed to have killed her husband of thirteen years in Magodo, Lagos state, I wondered what this world is turning into! I think the problem in today’s world is that; People are used and things are loved.Yes! It is a known fact that money is the root of all evil.

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