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The flood on Lagos roads

By Florence Amagiya

The residents in Lagos recently witnessed flooding of the roads and traffic gridlocks following a five-hour down pour. It was reported on the News that workers were stranded at bus-stops while others reported late at their offices because of the rain.

Many vehicles were trapped in the flood, causing the traffic to snarl up just as fares went up. It was also reported that most of the drains were blocked by refuse resulting in massive flooding of the roads.

In Surulere, it was reported that most of the residents could not leave their homes because the flood was by their door steps and inside their homes. The residents living in bungalows had to drain water from their apartments and move some of their properties to safer locations.

Vehicles and even pedestrians could not move as the roads and the drainages were blocked. A few motorists, who dared to drive through the flood, were slowed down. Commercial buses and a few motorcyclists popularly known as okada took advantage of the situation to increase fares.

The big question on everybody’s mind is what is behind the flooding of Lagos roads? Is it the fault of the government or residents? Can it be managed before the big promises come to play? What little contribution can you and I give to help ourselves during this raining season and for all seasons? After all, we suffer it directly or don’t we? How does waste come to play in all these?

In my little knowledge, there is just no smoke without fire. Lagos roads are flooded because we do not have good drainage and we do not have good roads. Yes! That is what you and I will say, but have you sat down to ask yourself if we can help this situation in our little way? What about those times when we drink sachet water in the bus, popularly known as pure water or the other time you took a beef snack and you said it is not your business as you threw the wraps outside the window?

Yes I am talking to you driving the jeep, you couldn’t improvise a waste basket in your ten million naira(10,000000) worth of car instead you finished the water from that bottle and off it goes on the street.

Why are we busy complaining about the government when we should be beating ourselves for adding to the government’s problem? Those trashes on the roads contributing to blockages did not get there on their own. Somebody dropped them there, while we were all quiet because it is not our business.

The Lagos state governor, Babatunde Fashola will say ‘Eko oni baje’ translated to mean ‘ May it be well with Lagos’. If we all in our little quota decide to make this place better, then we shall enjoy the fruits of our labour. A word is enough for the wise.


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