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Why should they want their mother-in-law dead?

By Florence Amagiya

There was a day I went to a Salon to fix my hair. And just like every beauty shop, there were women of all sizes and shapes present.In fact because it was a weekend, there were so many of them. It’s so because ladies, espeially the ones with formal jobs only have weekends to themselves.

Halima Displaying the baby's corps

In the course of the fixing, a topic was raised by one of the ladies, obviously not married. It was about the ‘Almighty issue’. But before I go any further, I beg to digress. It is truly a fact that women discuss men when they are together and men also do the same!

So the issue of marriage came up- whether it is wise to have your husband’s mother alive before you finally marry him.

Most women in the salon were of the opinion that their mother-in-laws cannot live with them. Some said they would prefer to meet a man who doesn’t even have a mother but if they do, they would make life unbearable for that mother of his. While others believed it is a ‘live and let’s live’ situation.

I patiently listened the comments from these ladies who would eventually go into the institution called marriage with God helping. These women didn’t realise they would one day have children-male and female. And that one day, their sons are going to get married too.

Then I concluded that it is not easy to see the true picture of a man in the mirror.

On the news last weekend, it was reported that a certain woman known as Halima, a renowned rice seller, a widow and a mother of two in Oyo state, allegedly delivered her baby in her room and kept it for a couple of days without anybody’s knowledge.

Days after the baby’s delivery, Halima concluded plans to dispose the baby by dumping it inside a septic tank. But she could not do it in the day time. Instead, she planned to do it on her way back from her business at night.

Halima, the mother of this baby concealed it in one of the food flasks in her shop. The bubble burst when a curious customer noticed some movements inside the cooler and called on Halima’s attention.

The latter discountenanced the issue; she claimed it would be the live cat fish she intended to cook at home. The customer who was unconvinced hurriedly left Halima’s shop for the Police station.

The law enforcement agents paid a visit to Halima’s shop after the report and her secret was thrown open. Unfortunately for the boy child, he was found dead. From further interrogation, they found out that the father of the infant refused paternity.

My questions are: why should any mother no matter the reason take the life of a child she has brought to this world? How can a young woman think the best way to enjoy her marriage is to wish bad on her mother-in law? Who is a mother-in law? Why should anyone think that the evil he or she did will not be meted on him or her in the future?

In my candid opinion, I think love and respect should be given to any mother, whether she is yours or his. Bearing in mind that the reason you met that handsome, dashing, young man and beautiful young woman is because somebody brought him or her to this world and that somebody didn’t kill him or her even when the chips were down for her.

She stood by him even when she didn’t feel like it. She made him the man you fell head over heels in love with. Don’t you think she deserves a little appreciation? Don’t you know it is not worth the wishing because you will only be wishing it on yourself? After all, you are a woman and someday will be a mother.

Always remember that respect is reciprocal and that people living in glass houses don’t throw stones.


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