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They took oath to save lives!

By Florence Amagiya

I was with a friend the other evening when a call came through his phone. My friend picked up his phone and whispered into it for a while looking so bitter as if there was bile in his mouth.

He spoke in such a way that the next man by him won’t even hear what he was talking about. So I waited patiently for him to finish his call.

My friend told me that his aunt who lives in another state had called him that morning, she wanted an urgent favour. In fact, she was desperate.

Her new born baby was bleeding through the navel and the doctor at the hospital said the child won’t be treated until she deposit the sum of five thousand naira (#5,000).

She didn’t have the money readily, even at home and she didn’t have any other person to run to. So she called him and he lives in Lagos.  He rushed to the bank that morning to pay in the money she needed, which of course she had to withdraw before going back to the hospital with her baby.

The baby was admitted and he prayed that the doctors at the hospital are able to stop the bleeding and to save the life of the child.  My friend after speaking to his aunt that evening related the sorrowful tale to me.

The baby for whom he had dashed to the bank that morning before going to work had given up the ghost.

The questions on our minds are: What is happening to our doctors these days? What happened to the oath to serve humanity? Why are hospitals so conscious of money, that they forget the importance of life? Why not treat the patients or start the treatment while waiting for the payment? Can all the riches in the world be compared to a life?

We should know that what goes around comes around. And that we are only mere mortals, not gods. So whatsoever we do we shall meet the repercussion in future.

It is good to be in business and to make money while at it. But is it fair to be where you can render help to the helpless and to the dying, yet you refused to help? Take a minute and ask yourself, what if you were in that person’s shoe or your brother is? What happens then?

Would you be happy if you are served with that same treatment by another doctor in another place? The man or woman you are allowing to die could be the bread winner in his or her home and you would be giving an eternal dent by allowing that to happen. How much is the worth of a man’s life?


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