More than 20 people were killed last Friday in a bomb blast at U.N. building in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital and about eight persons injured. Rescue officials at the scene were pulling the dead and injured from the rubble.

The deputy commissioner of Police spokesman Yemi Ajayi told the newsmen that bomb squad officers and other security teams were also sent to the scene.

There was shortage of blood for surgery at the National Hospital.  Staff of the hospital and relatives of the injured have been going to the blood bank to donate. The President of the Nation, Goodluck Jonathan in a statement described the incident as “a barbaric, senseless and cowardly attack.”

The questions that bother every mind are: What is the motive behind this struggle? Is Yusufiyya movement actually propagating the teachings of Islam? Islam we know is a religion of love and peace.

What is the benefit of killing innocent people to score a point? When armed robbers and assassins do the same! Is it true that the movement is against western education?

It is my candid opinion that the present administration put the problem of arm struggle to an abrupt end.  The onus of proof is on the President to address this issue squarely, once and for all. If it needs him to invite foreign aids to assist in getting to the root and the culprits.

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