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Heart of the matter with Chioma

Something about miracles

prophets CHUCH

It is the vogue. Nigerians like to rush even where angels fear to tread. It is the trend. Miracle seekers. New generation pastors.  I-feel-alright ministrations.

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Who killed Lagos?

Yes, it is the same Lagos that I’m talking about. Lagos is dead, murdered by bad leadership over the years. If you are living elsewhere and is nursing a dream about Lagos and the beautiful life, just know you are having a nightmare. The dream of a beautiful Lagos has been murdered by bad administration, selfish politicians and greedy businessmen. You don’t need to know their names but their actions speak louder than words.

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Fury of Hell

We are in the end times,” my friend screamed down the end of the phone. I was alarmed by his tone and the fact that he could not offer a simple “hello” when I connected to him. He is not one to forget his manners, and this made me wonder what could have provoked his outburst. Here is a guy who always loves to make a point of the fact that he minds his own business. Therefore, I steeled my mind towards any contrary news he may break to me.

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