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We are born daughters

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By Chioma Gabriel

Early, quality antenatal care can reduce birth of preterm babies – Paediatrician

We have been trending on social media because of the atrocities we have been committing. We are on the cross and stones are being thrown at us by the society that nurtured and failed us. But we were not born like this. We were born clean, like a tabula rasa, which is clean slate. But we were corrupted by the society we grew up in. Daughters are victims of the corrupt society. We are violated, sexually abused and exposed to all manner of evil by men. As babies, we were violated sexually by the men around us, even those we called uncles, daddies and brothers. We have nowhere to hide because fair is foul and foul is fair in the society we are. We are sex toys and playthings to men. Sometimes, they marry us even though we are still babies and we become child- mothers.

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That has become our lot. Sometimes, our mothers cannot help us because they are not proud of who they are. They were victims like us and have been cheated on by those who took their pride away. Their confidence is gone and they hide under hooded eyebrows, padded breasts and buttocks to feel good and we copy them. Don’t you see our mothers when they were pregnant with us? They wore spaghetti-strapped mini dresses as maternity gowns so our fathers won’t look away from them. They wore low-necked dresses and exposed their padded breasts to keep appealing to our fathers. Our mothers are human.

In the past, when we erred, they would give us that look that would bring us back to reality  and corrects us instantly but we don’t see those looks anymore, the false eyelashes have covered their eyes and the  heavy make-over they wear to remain attractive to our fathers have covered their eyes. We don’t even notice when they give us that look because we don’t see the eyes or the direction they eyes are looking. We don’t get to see when they are correcting us with those looks. Sometimes, they look completely strange to us with those padded faces.

So, we grow up trying to look good too like our mothers and we copy their false eye-lashes, wear false nails, extreme make-over, silicon breasts and butts and you come to blame us for wearing same to school. Even our teachers are wearing fake eye-lashes, fake hair, wigs, fake breasts and buttocks. So, teacher should not teach us nonsense.

In school, the male teacher harasses me sexually for extra marks or to get what I rightly deserve. He is appealed by my looks and to get by; I have to keep up to date. Will you blame me for looking attractive for my male teacher?  My friend next door was impregnated by her own father. My father grants favours to my friends when they follow me home from school. I’m not getting the things I need from my father because he is giving them to my friends and so, I have to look elsewhere to get what I want and I need to look approved like a 21st Century girl that I am. So, why tear me apart? I am a victim of the society, the corrupt society.

So, what’s the big deal about a student wearing false eye-lashes and painted nails to schools? Is she not living in the same vain and corrupt society where our mothers are vain and our fathers are controlled by their basic instincts? What is the big deal and why is everybody condemning her as if she has done the worst thing? Was her mother not wearing make-up and false –lashes and were her female teachers not wearing weave on, lipstick, painted and fixed nails and who has condemned these teachers? How many male teachers are making passes at female students and encouraging the behaviour displayed by the QC student?

The other day, a supervisor at Chrisland School, Lekki, Lagos, who raped a two-year-old girl, was sentenced to 60 years in prison. He raped a minor put under his care and here we are, making noise about false eye-lashes and two university students having a roll in the hay.

We are living in a wicked society, surrounded by corrupt teachers and friends. Our parents are also failing us.

If a 60-year-old school supervisor could rape a child under his care, what are we saying about wearing false eye-lashes?

If a teenage student wore make-up to school, the security man at the gate has no business with that. The school administration should handle it and mete out appropriate punishment where necessary. That display we saw ought not to be. Besides, it’s even possible the student wore the make-up to appeal to a male teacher in the school.

What are we saying? Schools should not cover up teachers who sexually abuse children.  Parents and teachers should be role models. There could still be more to what we saw. This case may just be the tip of the iceberg as a lot of our children are suffering in silence.

And this is not the first time QC  is trending. In 2017, it was in the news for the worst possible reason: death of three promising students – Vivian Osuinyi, Bithia Itulua and Praise Sodipo. Two years later, the once prestigious school was again in the news; not for winning laurels or any groundbreaking initiative, rather for its false Puritanism, while students’ health is in dire strait.

This year, barely a month ago, the same college was hit by an infection epidemic that  affected over 1, 000 students.

Whether it is a private university student having a roll in the hay or the teenager wearing eye-lashes to school, there must be more to what played out.

The fundamental issues are societal decay, deep-seated rot, corruption and negligence.

Whether it is about Babcock University students in a trending sex video who have been suspended or the QC student that wore false lashes to school, there is a fundamental decay. Indeed, institutional regulations must be followed to address those issues rather than the ridicule the offenders were subjected to. The QC student is a minor and should be corrected and protected, not shamed. Sexual abuse and violence of minors and women are on the increase and therefore, we ought to know better. The teenager is a minor and was sent to learn. She should therefore be taught and counseled to avoid future mistakes.

Like Jean Jacques Rousseau, a French philosopher, writer and composer said, a child is born well but the society corrupts him. It follows that it was civilization that enslaved and corrupted  man and made him unnatural.

The students should serve their punishments and go back to school.

Sending them out of school will make the society worse for it.


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