April 10, 2024

Autism: Parent-advocate moves to promote inclusion, awareness in Nigeria

Autism: Parent-advocate moves to promote inclusion, awareness in Nigeria

Saturday, April 6th, 2024, marked the soft launch of “My Spectrum Support,” a pioneering Nigerian initiative founded by autism parent advocate and educational consultant for special needs.  

Ehimwenma Bello-Osagie has been at the forefront of raising awareness for children living with the spectrum, particularly focusing on autism / ADHD and neurodivergent children.

Interestingly, the launch coincided with Ehimwenma’s birthday celebration, during which she chose to introduce “MySpectrumSupport” and commemorate her special day with members of the Lagos chapter of the “MySpectrumSupport” community. Parents and their children were granted the opportunity to connect and exchange ideas concerning various aspects of the spectrum.

The well attended event, featured heartfelt speeches, including one by Ehimwenma, reflecting on the journey that led to the creation of “MySpectrumSupport.”

Ehimwenma and Shittu-Peter Bello-Osagie

 Keynote speakers comprising Ilze Nel-Soutter from South Africa, Barrister Michael Igbinedion and Jayne Opene shared personal experiences and strategies to promote awareness and support for neurodivergent children.

Ehimwenma Bello-Osagie , utilizing her social media platform to educate about autism, expressed that the initiative stemmed from her belief that every special child has a special parent who must adapt to their unique world. She emphasized the extraordinary gifts possessed by these children and stressed the importance of early detection to harness their talents effectively.

As a strong advocate, Ehimwenma emphasized the need for parents and society to embrace and support neurodivergent children, even as she highlighted that raising awareness from a young age is key to creating an inclusive environment where neurotypical and neurodivergent children can interact positively and learn from each other’s differences.

“MySpectrumSupport” aims to foster understanding, support, and inclusion for children on the spectrum, while also giving the parents the opportunity to feel safe and connect with like minded folks, emphasizing the potential and talents of every child, regardless of their neurological differences.