November 27, 2023

4 Spiritual Meanings of Flies

4 Spiritual Meanings of Flies

Flies are dirty animals that are almost universally reviled, but in spiritual terms, they have some positive as well as negative connotations – and for anyone who wants to learn more, in this post, we go into all the details of the spiritual meaning of flies.

Fly spiritual meanings
  • Change

  • As symbols of transformation, in terms of spirituality, flies represent spiritual change, transformation and development. Throughout our lives, we continue to grow and develop as we walk our paths toward spiritual enlightenment, and like the fly, we undergo transformation – but in a spiritual sense. It may take time to reach our final destination, and the journey may not always be easy, but with determination, we can continue to evolve and transform into more spiritually aware beings, becoming more in touch with the spirit realm. 

    1. Messengers from the spirit world

    Although small and humble, among some cultures, flies are thought to be highly spiritual creatures that bring us messages from the other side. It can sometimes be difficult to interpret the meaning of the messages flies can bring us – something we’ll look at in just a moment – but it’s important to try to interpret the omens since the messages they carry can be of the utmost importance. This means when you come across flies in your daily life – or if flies start appearing to you in your dreams – you should take the time to reflect on the message to try to understand the correct interpretation of the omen.

    1. Spiritual energy

    Flies buzz around with seemingly endless energy, and as an animal that’s connected to the spirit world, this can represent spiritual energy.However, sometimes flies seem to buzz around aimlessly, and this can represent excess misguided spiritual energy. As a result, flies remind us that we need to harness our natural spiritual energy through practices such as meditation and mindfulness to channel it in the right direction.

    1. Spiritual contamination

    Another meaning of flies in a spiritual sense is spiritual contamination, and this comes from their association with filth. Sometimes, we can allow negativity and negative thoughts to seep into our beings, bringing spiritual pollution into our lives. When this happens, we need to undergo spiritual purification to bring spiritual balance back into our lives. For more fly spiritual meanings, you can visit spiritual symbols and meanings resources website SpiritualMeanings.

    Fly symbolism

    Having looked at the spiritual meanings of flies, let’s think about their symbolism and what they can represent.

    1. Transformation

    When we think of flies, we picture annoying insects that buzz around our heads or land on our food, disturbing our concentration and generally making a nuisance of themselves. However, the adult fly is just the final stage in the life cycle of these bugs – but they start life in the larval or maggot phase before going into a chrysalis and emerging as a fully-developed fly. As such, flies can be seen as a symbol of transformation and metamorphosis, much like dragonflies or butterflies.

    1. Adaptability

    Most people see flies in an entirely negative light, but they do have some positive characteristics.Flies occupy an ecological niche where they make use of rotting fruit or meat and even excrement, things that most other animals don’t want to touch.This makes them a powerful symbol of adaptability since they are willing to do whatever it takes and make use of whatever is available to them to survive.

    1. Humbleness

    As well as adaptability, flies are also symbols of humbleness for similar reasons. This is because they are willing to eke out a living in ways that other animals would consider beneath them.

    1. Quick reactions

    Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to swat a fly? It’s because they have a type of vision that effectively means they see the world in slow motion, allowing them to fly out of the way before you get anywhere near them.As a result, flies represent quick reactions and the ability to think or act quickly, especially when faced with danger.

    1. Filth

    Although it’s possible to find positive aspects to flies, it’s undeniable that they also have many negative connotations, and one of them is filth.As we’ve already mentioned, flies are attracted to rotting food, putrid flesh and excrement, making them disgusting creatures that nobody wants to touch, which makes them symbolic of filth.

    1. Disease

    Since flies land on carrion and rotting food to deposit their eggs or maggots, flies are also vectors of disease, and disease is something else symbolized by flies.

    1. Death

    With disease comes death, and this is something else flies represent. Furthermore, they are associated with the dead bodies of both humans and animals, to which they are attracted, which also makes them a powerful symbol of death.

    1. Evil

    In the Bible, the name of the demon Beelzebub – sometimes thought to be the Devil himself – can be translated as the Lord of the Flies, and as such, flies are also associated with malevolence and evil.

    Fly omens

    Finally, let’s have a look at what it might mean if flies start appearing to you, either in your dreams or in your waking life.

    1. Something is bothering you

    Flies buzzing around you, either in real life or in your dreams, can tell you that something is bothering you – and you might not even be fully aware of what it is.Sometimes, something can be on our minds, upsetting our peace, just below the level of our consciousness.When this happens, it can bring negativity or anxious thoughts, which can build up without us even realizing.At these times, flies can appear to let you know that something is on your mind – and you need to spend time reflecting on what it might be.Then, once you realize what it is that’s been bothering you, you can take the necessary actions to resolve the situation, bringing peace and balance back to your life.

    1. You need to roll up your sleeves and get on with something you don’t want to do

    Sometimes, when we have something unpleasant that we need to do, we put it off rather than just getting it done.However, often, the best thing to do is just to roll up your sleeves and get it over and done with because then it won’t be on your mind anymore.In such situations, flies may begin to appear in your life, encouraging you to do what needs to be done so that you can stop worrying about it and move on.

    1. Something is rotten in your life

    Flies are symbols of filth, and when they appear to you, they may bring a message about something in your life being rotten or decaying.Could it be that you have been neglecting a relationship and now the relationship is dying? In this case, you should do what you can to revive the relationship before it’s too late.On the other hand, it could mean that a relationship has become rotten and toxic, and here, the solution could be the opposite – perhaps now is the time to put an end to this rotten relationship instead of letting it continue to pollute your life with negativity.

    1. You need to be cleansed

    Another interpretation of seeing flies is that you need some kind of spiritual cleansing and purification.Perhaps you’ve been through a traumatic experience recently such as breaking up with your partner, or maybe you’ve fallen out with a friend.In any case, the appearance of flies at such a time can indicate that you need to spend time processing your emotions, letting go of the negativity or the sadness and learning to come to terms with what has happened.Give yourself time and allow yourself to face your emotions and deal with them properly, and then try to move towards the future with optimism because everything will turn out ok in the end.

    1. Change is on the way

    Flies may sometimes appear to you when you are about to go through a big change in your life, especially when the change is making you nervous or anxious.The message the flies bring is that rather than fearing the change, you should welcome it – because with change always come new opportunities, so you should be ready to grab them with both hands instead of letting them pass you by.

    1. You need to be more adaptable

    Finally, the message that flies can bring to you is that you need to be more adaptable.Perhaps you are facing an issue in your life, but you are being stubborn and refuse to see things from somebody else’s point of view or accept other ideas for resolving your problems.At times like this, flies can appear to you to remind you to be more flexible since refusing to change your position can often prevent you from resolving disputes.

    Both positive and negative spiritual meanings

    As we’ve seen, although flies are associated with filth, disease and death, they are also connected to more positive concepts such as transformation, change and adaptability.This means when you see a fly, you should first consider what spiritual message it might be bringing to you before you reach for the fly swatter and try to squash it.