The Internet of things (IoT) is finally entering a new dimension related to the cryptocurrency and metaverse fields: Web3.0. With the resurgence of Web3.0, marketers must bid farewell to conventional marketing strategies and adopt new tactics – ones that are compatible and suitable with the latest web environment.

In this regard, Lunar Strategy is creating headlines as being the only company creating effective marketing strategies for web3.0. 

But what strategies is Lunar Strategy using and how? Let’s find out.

Understanding Web 3.0

The evolution of the Web undoubtedly demands a radical change in marketing strategies. But first, what is the theory of Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is a semantic web design that revolves around the concepts of decentralization, openness, and transparency. The idea of Web 3.0 is consistent with metaverse, blockchain technology, community management, NFTs, and DAO. 

Hence, it is fair to say that the rise in the cryptocurrency tokens, projects, and NFT marketplace initiated the need for Web 3.0. 

However, businesses trying to frame themselves as web3.0-based have to understand that conventional marketing tactics won’t produce effective results. Web3.0 revolution calls for a new marketing strategy that fosters the development of communities.

This is something most marketing agencies don’t understand. As a result, many unique crypto projects with plenty of potential go unnoticed due to poor marketing campaigns. 

So, what’s the solution?

It’s a readjustment of marketing strategy, and that’s what Lunar Strategy helps with.

Marketing Strategies of Lunar Strategy

Lunar Strategy is a Lisbon-based company providing marketing services to web3.0-based businesses. Founded by Tim Haldorsson; the company stands by the noble aim to develop and improve marketing strategies for higher community engagement. 

Some of the main strategies that Lunar Strategy uses include:

Develop, monitor, and run professional adverts campaigns on social media channels

Managing social media channels by producing compelling posts to attract a loyal customer base

Selecting influencers and initiating an influencer marketing campaign

Engaging in PR services, including creating publications and press releases

Specializing in digital marketing and improving the ranking of cryptocurrencies’ websites through SEO and PPC.

Above all, Lunar Strategy considers increasing community engagement as the most essential marketing tactic. But why?

Every crypto token and project requires the support of a community where members invest and wish to see the project grow and achieve its aim. After all, a higher community engagement will increase investment in a specific crypto project, allowing it to reach new highs while benefiting the community. 

Lunar Strategy also helps new cryptocurrencies get listed on crypto exchanges. From the idea generation to the pre-launch of the crypto project, Lunar Strategy is there to help businesses increase their brand awareness, develop a community, and increase investors’ confidence. If the community is strong, the token sales will be high, and so will the project’s success rate. 

Lunar Strategy’s Contributions to Newcomers

Lunar Strategy is helping businesses reach their objectives by developing tailored marketing strategies. But that’s not all…

Lunar strategy understands that most agencies aren’t aware of how to develop marketing strategies in Web 3.0. To solve the problem, Tim Haldorssan created an online course, Lunar academy, to help marketers understand marketing tactics for a web3.0-based business.

Moreover, Tim also created a book titled “The only guide you need for NFT and crypto marketer” to help newbies gain insights into web3.0 marketing. The book focuses on fundamental crypto-project marketing strategies right from the concept stage to the launch offer.  

Final Comments!

Most marketing agencies deploy tactics for web3.0 business as if shooting a target with closed eyes. Marketers need to learn web3.0, understand its interface, functions and learn about companies before crafting marketing strategies. 

In this particular regard, Lunar Strategy does a great job, especially, if the professional team is aware of the ins and outs of the crypto space. These factors can help businesses achieve marketing objectives in no time!

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