February 5, 2022

Panic as ‘Yahoo boys’ in white invade Abuja estate at midnight

Panic as ‘Yahoo boys’ in white invade Abuja estate at midnight

Barely 24 hours after two military personnel were arrested for harassing civilian security men in Abuja Mab Global Estate, over 40 suspected internet fraudsters (Yahoo boys) attempted to breach the estate’s security on Friday night.

The suspected internet fraudsters, dressed in white, attempted to gain entrance into the estate around 11:45p.m., but were stopped by a team of security personnel at the gate.

They could not say what particular house was expecting them, so the estate security turned them back.

However, they returned strong in a convoy of 15 cars, carrying over 40 people in white around 2:30a.m.

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A security personnel narrated that they became aggressive, as they attempted to forcibly penetrate the estate.

The suspected fraudsters, most of who were carrying leather bags suspected to be holding dangerous weapons, insisted that they were going to attend a birthday party at a house on Gold Street.

Curiously, the particular residence is in the vicinity of the Embassy of the Democratic Arab Republic within the estate.

The security men were adamant in their resistance, saying the said house was a private residence and not a commercial apartment building.

But the suspected fraudsters insisted that the gate must be opened even as they started a struggle with the civilian security men.

An agitated Chief Security Officer of the Estate Mr. Denis Omala, had to call in all his men numbering over 50 to prevent the strange men from breaching the peace of the estate.

 The senior member of the estate’s leadership had to rush to the gate late in the night to ensure that the young men were turned back as their intentions were not known.

He urged the residents to be more vigilant because of the recurrent attempt to breach the security of the estate.

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