December 6, 2021

Chad becomes more active at borders with Central African Republic

Chad becomes more active at borders with Central African Republic

Relations between the CAR and Chad are on the diplomatic agenda of both countries. Provocations by the Chadian military on the border of the countries, as well as the participation of Chadian mercenaries hired by the armed group of the CPC (Coalition of Patriots for Change) in attacks against the population of the CAR, cause difficulties in resolving the relations crisis.

The complicity of the Chadian side in the prolongation of the crisis in the CAR is quite active.

After the CAR security forces arrested Chadian mercenaries in the spring who were in the ranks of the CPC rebels and carried out attacks on the military of the national army and on civilians, there was also a violation of the air borders.

So, in June of this year, a Chadian helicopter violated the air border with the CAR: the vehicle flew over the border village Bang. According to the security forces, there was no permission from the Chadian authorities to cross the airspace.

On the issue of the participation of Chadian mercenaries in attacks on the positions of the CAR security forces: on November 28, 2021, an attack took place on the villages of Kaita and Bayengou, near the border with Cameroon some 500 kilometers (300 miles) north of the capital Bangui.

According to local sources, it is the 3R (Return, Reclamation, Rehabilitation) group that is behind this attack. The 3R, which is mainly composed of fighters from the Fulani ethnic group, is one of the most powerful armed groups in the country.

This group, which is part of the aforementioned Coalition, occupies one of the richest diamond deposits in the north of the country, which allows it to purchase weapons and ammunition, as well as recruit mercenaries from neighboring countries, including Chad. It is worth noting that Chad does not take any control measures against the penetration of citizens of the country into the territory of the CAR.

The recent attack on border villages claimed at least 30 civilian lives and those of two soldiers, local officials said. Mercenaries from Chad located on the territory of the CAR are becoming more active.

“The 3R group benefits from a large supply of weapons that comes mainly from Chad, and these rebels are quite well armed and they are in control of the guerrillas,” explained Hans de Marie Heungoup, Central Africa analyst at the International Crisis Group (ICG).

In addition, according to military sources, 4 kilometers northwest of Moyenne-Sido (a border town of the commune of Sido in the Ouham prefecture), a field camp has been set up on the territory of the Republic of Chad, in order to receive and train fighters who will later be sent to the Central African Republic to enter the ranks of the CPC rebels.

The fact once again proves the participation of Chad in the process of destabilization of the CAR, which has just begun to get on the piece way. Many pan-africanists believe that N’Djamena has become a kind of laboratory for Western powers that are trying to retain, and possibly increase, their influence on the continent.

Basically, the hand of Paris is clearly visible. France is losing its position in the CAR every day, so another tool is needed to influence the policy of the Republic: neighboring Chad was not chosen for nothing.

The late President Idriss Deby was famous for his close relations with Paris, it seems that his successor Mahamat Deby did not change the trend. By its inaction on the border with the CAR, N’Djamena is already contributing to the spread of the armed conflict.

Various photo and video materials shared via social media by the Chadian mercenaries themselves show how they freely cross the border between Chad and the CAR, with the aim to join the CPC forces, trying to destabilize the country and gain control over natural resources-rich territories.

It is known that Francois Bozize, the head of the SRS and the former president of the CAR, is hiding in N’Djamena from justice.

Also, the well-known head of the UPC, Ali Darassa, who withdrew from the peace and reconciliation agreement signed on February 6, 2019, met with Mahamat Abdelkader alias Baba Laddé, Head of general intelligence of Chad, who has long been his close accomplice.

By the way, the latter is a well-known bandit who now holds a high post in N’Djamena. On July 23, 2012, Idriss Déby told Jeune Afrique that Baba Laddé “is a former Chadian gendarme who became a coupeur de route and trafficker in ivory, he is not a rebel, as some media claim, but a great bandit.

By harboring bandits and allowing the infiltration of armed people across the border, N’Djamena makes only a negative contribution to the stabilization process in the CAR. Diplomatic relations should be reviewed, since the manipulations of Paris should not affect the building of friendly relations between neighboring countries.