People nowadays truly do understand the requirement for having an extra source of income, especially in this economy when situations are becoming so unstable that one might lose their jobs without even realising.

Adopting a similar lifestyle is Jonathan Kvicky, an individual from Los Angeles, California, who started his business venture when he was only 18 years old. This is extremely important to note here because he started on from a very young age. When people do this, they have a head start boost, while others remain indulged in the teenage luxuries of life, this serial entrepreneur was establishing his online PR firm, the first business establishment from Jonathan Kvicky.

This PR form proved to be very successful for him, hence he decided to continue as a serial entrepreneur, experiencing the different walks of life with the help of his new side jobs that he had adopted. currently, he is working as a software engineer, a senior at the Sony PlayStation.

This is an outstanding job, and he enjoys every part of it. he also enjoys his work as a serial entrepreneur and tech investor. The market for trading investors is very risky but Jonathan Kvicky certainly has a lot of experience in this field too which makes him a very efficient individual, this is the reason why he managed to turn his $20,000 into a 1,000,000 profit, how great is that!

Let us get to know some other important factors that can help you out in life if you do not just rely on one job, and continue to be involved in other enterprises or jobs. Although we can track down the main factor as risk, these two particular variables also matter a lot.

•            Range of opportunities: There are two things that people can actually do while they’re hustling on the side, the first most sensible thing to do here is to continue along with a similar career path so that they find it easier to excel in work. On the other hand, people can actually choose something new, something that they have always wanted to do but to it does not have a lot of future prospects hence they have chosen it as a second option. While they continue to work along with it efficiently, sometimes they might actually adopt this side career as their main one if they wish to.

•            An extra means of income: a guaranteed extra means of income that can certainly improve or increase your standard of living to a great extent, and you won’t even realise it unless all of this has mounted up.

Make a choice today, productivity is the key, says Jonathan Kvicky. Include these tips in your life today, learn more about Jonathan Kvicky on:




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