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May 19, 2021

“Plan B”: Stand or run?

By Ochereome Nnana

When Pastor Paul Adefarasin of the House on the Rock Church told his audience to get a “Plan B” over the security situation in the country, little did he know he was giving that overused cliché a fresh lease of life? He said the Islamic terrorists masquerading as Boko Haram, bandits and herdsmen militants were “crazy”, massing up and ready to pounce.

Assuring his audience that he had perfected his “Plan B”, the preacher said: “I can reach you from any part of the world”. “Plan B” means an agenda to run away from Nigeria. Even Adefarasin is shocked by the extent that the video of that sermon has trended. The imminence of an armed attack on innocent Nigerians appears a matter of when not if.

Yet, way back in 2014, I wrote series of articles warning Nigerians of the danger of giving power to Muhammadu Buhari.  Unlike the Minister of Communications and Islamic terrorism sympathiser, Isa Pantami, who claims he has “repented”, Buhari has never denied or renounced any undertaking.

I had warned that if Buhari became president, Nigeria risked the re-enactment of Sudan’s Omar Al Bashir and the Janjaweed scenario here. Al Bashir had armed landless nomadic Arab pastoralists and supported them with government military forces to kill, displace and seize the lands of indigenous Black people, especially farmers. He thereby precipitated the historic Darfur humanitarian crisis. Is that not exactly what we are seeing in Nigeria today?

All my warnings fell on deaf ears. I was blowing against the wind; against a human tsunami. Otherwise learned people (professors and eggheads) were blinded by personal hatred, the lure of lucre, and political ambition. These are the types that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu derisively refers to as  Otellectuals or intellectuals with their brains tucked up their backsides. They and sweet-tooth politicians and political jobbers handed us to Buhari on a platter. Now, many of them have joined us the “Wailers”, no apologies to Femi Adesina.

Today, we are no longer even talking about failed efforts to revive the economy and the war on corruption. We are not even talking about failure to secure the country from Boko Haram. We are now considering whether to bolt from Nigeria to save ourselves from the impending ethnic expansionist Armageddon or stand and face our enemies!

Right now, there are three options before Nigerians. “Plan A”:  remain law-abiding and peaceful.  We elected Buhari under the Constitution to defend Nigeria, protect its people and cater for their welfare. What we are getting is a country overwhelmed by Boko Haram terrorists and expansionist militias. And the government is unwilling or unable to protect us. Is it still logical to remain law-abiding and peaceful? Should we just lie supine and be overrun, and our land taken?

The second option is “Plan B1”:  run.  From Adefarasin’s accent alone, you can be sure he has either an American, UK or Canadian passport in his jacket pocket, ready to make for the airport with his family at a moment’s notice. How many people have places to run to? Where can 200 million, or 100 million Nigerians run to? Can Cameroon, Benin, Togo, Ghana, and Cote D’Ivoire combined absorb up to 50 million Nigerian refugees into their populations even if they want to? Of course not. They will slam their doors. Nigerians who are already in will be treated like the scum of the earth.

Remember, when you run from a conquering enemy you never come back as a son of the soil. They have taken over your land without a fight. Whoever owns the land owns whatever is on the land and underneath it. Now that they own what used to be your land, they also own you. You are now their slaves! Your future generations will be the slaves of their future generations. Your future generations will curse you for your cowardice and feebleness. But they will curse in vain because “what’s done’s done”, as Shakespeare says in Macbeth.

The third option, “Plan B2” is:  stand and fight.  Self-defence is both a constitutional and natural right. We gave the government the mandate to protect us and cater for our needs. Gen. T.Y. Danjuma says the Army is “no longer neutral”, that they are “colluding”. If he is wrong, why do we have armed strangers in our forests and farmlands all over the Middle Belt and South, setting up dwelling camps of the sort seen in the deep Sahel of the North, and without the permission of the landowners? Why are Fulani people openly claiming that Nigeria belongs to them? Not only that; they are being allowed by our armed forces and police to grab people’s lands with illegal arms. Any group that confronts them is called “terrorist” and the military are mobilised against them. Is this not Al Bashir and the Janjaweed re-enactment here in Nigeria?

I don’t know about you. Speaking for myself, I shall not run. I am staying right here. I will vehemently resist the invaders. Those who will run, let them run straight into the mouths of ants where they will be truly “safe”. The Fulanisation and Islamisation agenda will fail woefully. Mark my words. I wonder at the quixotic calculation that a few thousand armed strangers can overwhelm 100 million indigenous Southerners and take their land! It is impossible!  Won kere si nomba wa!  It will be a mismatch. One week of mere highway blockades, supplies starvation, and forest combings throughout the South will end the nonsense.

Let the dolts behind this laughable expansionism plot pull back before it becomes too late for them. If anyone is going to run, we know who will be doing it; their tails between their legs!

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