He is an embodiment of success as a top digital creator, social media expert and journalist. Rashed Ali Almansoori is a living proof that youngsters can lead prominent industries of the world.

Technology had witnessed a significant advancement in the past few years. Particularly in the time of uncertainties that the Covid era is holding. In which the world adaptation to the new norm was dependent on the advancement of technology, where undoubtedly it had revolutionized several fields such as healthcare, communication and most importantly, restored human interactions remotely to keep them close yet safe!

With such positive impact of tech in the world, one might wonder? who are the people behind such advancements and innovations. In short, a specific age groups were distinctly dominating the field and they are the younger age groups, in which they utilized their passion and talent to guide a revolution in the technology world.

From these younger age groups that redefined the tech world, is a personality that require no introduction in the UAE: Rashed Ali AlMansoori, the young man proved time and again, that there is nothing impossible taking the UAE technology scene to the next level by using the opportunity that his country given him, wisely and immaculately. Thanks to his significant effort, his name is among the top of the region, paving a new path for even younger ones to follow.

One of his greatest achievement was an innovative smart tech piece named UTAG, in which this invention helped mankind in the time of global crisis to communicate remotely and effectively. The young man philanthropic nature shined as he states “For me to make a profound impact on people’s lives and do it with my innovations in tech was something I always wanted to do.”

But Rashed talent has allowed to achieve more than that, as he exceeded mere digital creations, making a name for himself as a social media expert and influencer too, holding 200K followers just in Instagram. Apart from being a significant addition to the social media world, the 30-year-old is creating lenses in the platform to improve the user’s experience.

Let’s just say that Rashed has made his country proud amongst all the nations of the world, thanks to his talent and grit that yielded his tremendous achievements that then translated to headlines circulating the world under UAE name. Being a cyber security expert is another feather in the young man’s hat.

But is there more? There is infact much more! His work in Al-Bayan newspaper as an aspiring writer is acknowledged due to the genuine efforts and knowledge, he has poured in. As also a tech blogger, web developer and designer, his work has inevitably gone viral as he gained the trust of people due to his unparallel credentials in the tech world, creating a successful name for himself that tech lovers aspire to. What more can this young man create at such young age is the question. Whatever it is, we wish him the best of luck and anticipate his newest tech innovations in the future.


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