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January 6, 2021

From Chibok to Kankara

From Chibok to Kankara

By Yinka Odumakin

IT took a six years trip from Chibok to Kankara for those who aid terror in Nigeria to have their disgrace in full. When the Chibok girls were abducted in broad daylight and driven through military check points with attendant ochestrated international wailings to boot, only a few Nigerians could see through the whole drama that was unfolding at the time.

In no time the park in Abuja became a gathering point for their girls and other misaplied ladies to showcase their skills on televised indignation of “Bring Back Our Girls”. Intelligent people of course knew the girls were hidden by powerful forces and those behind the script also knew that the country was being taken on Taqqiya. It was a very strong political game that showed how devious and low some fellow Nigerians can get in perfidy.

Once the scheme was achieved, they sorted their own girls who were part of the game into choice appointment leaving the other ladies in the sun to continue the drama. There was a limit to the tolerance of the owners of the game. When the deviant ladies remained adamant beyond the need of the game, they found koboko to chase them from the garden as nuisance of the fields.

They knew they had been used but the shame of having been on it for long made them to keep it up as if they were doing a national service and not just vassals of power mongers. The truth of what really transpired will come out some day no matter how long. But God who cannot be fooled along with men was watching the whole game and laughing waiting for when to strike at the folly.

Full disgrace

He waited until they announced a week-long holiday for the President in Daura, Katsina State. He had hardly departed the helipad when the same boys who kidnapped the Chibok girls struck at Government Science Secondary in Kankara and kidnapped hundreds of boys. It was as if God had prepared a full disgrace for these people as presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu, who weeks back was giving reason for the kidnap and killing in Southern Kaduna made a very reckless emission about only 10 boys having been kidnapped even when the state Governor, Bello Masari, admitted 344.

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Shehu had made a shameful apology but that he still has a job at the villa shows that he may not be the one something is actually wrong with. The country has lost count of times his interventions in public discourse had given him out as someone who knows more about Boko Haram than necessary and putting up defences for them like when he blamed the 43 farmers killed by the group in Borno for not obtaining security permit before going to their farm.

All the statements that came from the Presidency were so mild unlike the fire and brimstone against peaceful Lekki protesters maligned even in death. There was no instruction to the military to go after the abductors as if there was some understanding. The peak of it was when the fact of having a Commander-in-Chief role was mixed up with Miyetti Allah Patron again as the terror Fulani group was named as the official negotiator for the release of the boys. Governor Masari even had the glory of the release of the Kankara boys to Miyetti Allah.

Not long ago when a global terrorists index was issued by international experts on terrorism and the threats terrorists pose to world’s peace, the Nigerian version of armed Fulani herdsmen backed actively by a certain dangerous platform called Miyetti Allah Cattle Owners Association, was rated as the fourth deadliest killer terror organisation in the whole wide world.

Sadly, as the international community of concerned experts are brainstorming on how to get the relevant global leaders to act to stave the grave consequences of not doing anything to stop all forms of terror attacks which directly threatens to wipe off humanity from the face of the earth, in Nigeria, however, there is an awkward marriage of convenience and conspiracy of silence in the Presidency.

When the group killed 78 people in Benue on January 1,2018, Governor Samuel Otorm was summoned to the villa and told by the President to go and learn how to live in peace with his neighbours. The group had not been held accountable for all the murders it has been accused of or claimed responsibility for. It is now the face of the Nigerian government negotiation with other terrorists. The Kankara episode has exposed it all and nothing is hidden again except for those who have made stupidity a call.

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