November 15, 2020

A man without a wife is incomplete, unhappy – Cleric

A man without a wife is incomplete, unhappy – Cleric

A cleric, Ven. Henry Ibeanusi, said in Enugu on Sunday that God instituted marriage to bring completeness and happiness to man.

“It then means that a mature and progressive man without a wife is incomplete and is unhappy,’’ Ibeanusi said in a homily he delivered at the Anglican Church of Ascension.

He cited the Book of Colossians 3:18–22 as he spoke on “The Joy of a Family Life’’.

Ven, Ibeanusi noted that Adam, being the wealthiest man on earth during his time and having dominion on all the earth, including animal, natural resources and environment, was not happy until God provided a wife for him.

According to him, God saw the unhappiness and emotional emptiness and gloominess of Adam and in His wisdom offered him a wife as a lasting solution.

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“The story of Adam shows that riches, wealth and influence do not give real happiness and completeness to a man.

“There is always a place for a woman in a man’s life to build a happy and prosperous family and home,’’ he said.

Ibeanusi enumerated some duties of a man, a woman, and those of children and maids within the family as enshrined in the Holy Bible to ensure a happy home where love and oneness dwells.

“There must be mutual respect for every person within the family even for the children and maids.

“The father must learn to accommodate, tolerate and love other family members; the mother must be submissive to the father, while the children must obey their father and mother,’’ he said.

The cleric prayed for families that have crises as well as disunited families for God to bring peace, love and unity in them. (NAN)

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