People Talk: On clamour for regional security outfits (1)
File photo of a campaign for Amotekun.

By Bose Adelaja, Olayinka Latona, Memunat Abidoun & Rose Chukwu

“Firstly, I want people to know that only God can secure everybody but this doesn’t mean that we should not intensify effort to secure ourselves through various means.

“I am in support of the security outfits but these should be devoid of political, religious and ethnic inclinations.The operators should be truthful.” -Ahmed Saheed Auditor

“Those who invented the social media are using it positively but the reverse is the case in Nigeria.

“In those days, the society was safe and free of crime and things went on smoothly but recent happenings in the country have made each region to form its security network which is a welcome development in our bid to fight crime.” -Emmanuel Akanmu

“The quest for modernisation and wrong use of social media has spoilt so many things especially security.

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“Formation of regional security networks is paramount at this point but legal processes should be followed and all parties involved should follow the rules to deliver Nigerians from the present situation of insecurity.” -Kehinde Oluwakayode, Businesswoman

“There is no crime in trying to protect one’s territory from internal and external dangers. Over the years, every region has been a victim of attacks by different terrorist groups.

“Setting up security outfits in the different regions of the country shows that the regional leaders and governors are sensitive to the security situation in the country.” -Olaide Oyewole, Analyst

“The plan by each region to establish its own security outfit in my opinion, is not plausible. Why do we need another security outfit when we have the police force which has been saddled with that responsibility?

“It is like creating a group within a group. There is no way chaos and disorder will not be the resultant effect.” -Ogweje Stella, Entrepreneur.

“I will term this regional security tribalism in motion. It is very pathetic that we are not united as one in this country and I don’t think we can progress if we continue like this.

“The creation of regional security outfit isn’t supposed to be on our agenda, it’s just going to promote tribal wars. Before we know it, Amotekun would have a clash with the northern security outfit.” -Afolayan Toyosi, Analyst.

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