By Emmanuel Odoemelam
If you are one of those who read my broadcast messages, you would have read about my fitness experience. Recently I decided to move from jogging 4.4 kilometers nonstop to 7.7 kilometers, and in that process, I learnt so much about success.

Exercise is key to performance….

The very day I decided in my heart to go beyond my norm (4.4km), everything in me started telling me that I better stay within my comfort zone. One thing I want you to know is, this is going to happen to you when you set out to achieve success. Your system is going to resist anything that will cause it discomfort at first.

But if you are the type that the pain of discipline is more valued than the pain of regret, then your pain of discipline will move you into action.
As I began jogging, everything was going smoothly until the fourth lap which was my limit. As soon as I was getting closer to the finish line of 4.4km which was also the starting point of 5.5km, everything in me kept saying stop, but because I had told myself I will go beyond my norm, I kept to that promise.

At the finish point of 4.4km, a guy came and started shouting, lets go on, lets go on! As simple as those words were, it was like an energy booster.
The moment you resolve to go outside your comfort zone, even if you do not have the resources, somehow ‘Providence’ will move towards you. Never let what you’ve not tried before or what you don’t have stop you. What you’ve never tried you can’t master. And what you don’t have won’t come and meet you at your comfort zone; but what you don’t have is already available at your discomfort place. So endure the discomfort to enjoy new comfort.

As soon as I started on level 5, I felt like a different person entirely. I started running along with the guy that energized me with those words. This means that, the moment you break out of the norm and go higher in life, the lesser the number of unserious people you will come across.

Success does not come easily, if success was easy, everyone would be successful. Because there is nobody who doesn’t like to be successful but not everybody can pay the price. So as you move on in life, you will only find serious people like you.

I successfully achieved the 5th lap, and started the 6th lap but half way into the 6th lap, I was getting extremely tired. At that point, someone was running past us, and the guy I was running with said, “boss, ain’t you done?” The fellow said, this is my 13th lap, its remaining two more. You know you have to jog and walk for some laps, and then end it with jogging.” That was when I got the secret of those I often hear saying; I did 10 laps.

To succeed, you need mentors. Mentors are, most times, people who have done what you want to do, who have an understanding of the process and strategy, and are willing to open up and share with you.

Half of the 6th lap and 7th lap, I walked before ending the 7th lap with jogging. But before ending the 7th lap, nature set in and I started feeling unrest in my stomach. Wisdom demanded that I look for the fastest means to get home so that nature does not go against me.

Success is principle based. Principles are laws on how things work. Learn to work in accordance with laws of life and nature; your life will be beautiful.

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