January 23, 2019

Group feeds 1000 children in Lagos community

Group feeds 1000 children in Lagos community

By Gabriel Olawale

In the spirit of extending love to poor and needy, Stephen Akintayo Consulting (STC), took feeding exercise to Canal street, Ajeromi local government, Ajegunle , Lagos, where over a thousand children were fed.

Founder STC, Mr. Stephen Akintayo noted the feeding exercise is an annual activity to feed the malnourish children and giving scholarship to some of the kids in the community.

“Every year we try to run charity project round thorough the year, six years ago I came here somebody told us about this place and I was moved to tears, in fact when I came people were living on dustbin, we call it dust bin estate, you can see the children, malnourished children defecating in public and so every year we try to do something for them, giving scholarship for some of the kids here and feeding” he said.

He further explained the feeding exercise is part of line-up programs in commemoration of his birthday, January 28.

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“This particular event is put together for my birthday, so today we are here at the dustbin estate to feed one thousand kids then next Sunday will be at the Gbagada general hospital and then upper Saturday will be at Abeokuta (Gideon Orphanage home) then on my birthday 28 will be in Kirikiri prison, so for me is that giving is living and we need to also build awareness around the need to give, it is unfortunate that the normal culture in Africa is that giving has to be done by rich people and I think it is wrong” he added.

Urging Nigerians to cultivate the heart of giving, Akintayo narrated how charitable heart transformed him into an entrepreneur when he started giving as a student relying on his parents for money.

“I remembered I will gather friends on campus to an orphanage home; we use to do an even called mentor an orphan, we will bring kids to silver bird cinemas to watch movies from orphanage homes, so giving is not what you do because you are rich, giving is what you do because you believe that you also out of the little God has given you want to reach out.

And I can tell you that given brought me here because little do I know on campus doing that, in fact my journey into entrepreneurship was as a result of this, why because you wanted to do more, you keep seeing things that you don’t have enough resources to do and you are hoping that if you can be a lot better financially you probably would do” he explained.

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