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How smart technologies rule the world

By Prince Osuagwu

THE  world is today experiencing a rapid shift in technological advancement with the introduction of various smart devices that are helping to direct the affairs of humans to achieve seamless operation.

With today’s smart technology, companies all over the world are exploring the possibility of using video streams and high-speed computer analytics to monitor and analyse in-store activities based on footage garnered from the security cameras.

Consumers across the world have grown accustom

LG Smart Technologies

ed to using smart technology in their daily lives, so they have set higher standards for their next generation devices. The smartphone revolution has also planted the seeds for new types of smart technology to emerge.

The ongoing Internet of Things revolution owes a great deal to the inroads made by smartphones. Fans of smart cars, smart homes and advanced wearables, all have smartphones to thank for taking the technology mainstream.

Original Equipment Manufacturers, OEMs, are also beginning to see their business future hinged on their ability to get smart by producing smart devices. For instance, LG Electronics said it had already plugged on the smart opportunities provided by technology to redirect its manufacturing priorities when it released mid-tier handsets alongside its more advanced flagship devices.

This lineup of more affordable smartphones implemented the intuitive UX of LG’s more advanced devices.

The company said it has continued to innovate and push boundaries as consumers across the world look to upgrade to the smartphone of the future. Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa Operations, Mr. Taeick Son said: “Our commitment in ensuring that products from LG are usually consumer-oriented and seamlessly adaptable can never be compromised.

The era we are in, there is a lot of positive technological disruption currently going on, all thanks to Artificial Intelligence, and it is our duty to see that our consumers get smarter with our products.”

He said LG has invested heavily in smart technology and DeepThinQ AI solutions, extending connectivity to its entire appliance lineup for 2018 and beyond.

“Every LG appliance with SmartThinQ is built on an open platform, which means they’ll work with evolving smart technologies and devices for years to come. This goes beyond expanded compatibility to include the ability to partner with third party AI platforms that will allow appliances to function effectively on their own or work seamlessly in tandem with smart networks in conjunction with devices from other manufacturers,” he added.


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