June 23, 2018

You just discovered your spouse has another family, what would you do?

My husband won’t leave our neighbour alone

A 36-year-old woman, Anita, has been married for 16 years with four children. Some months ago, she discovered a nasty secret on facebook threatening to tear her marriage apart. She found out her husband, Leonard, has been running two homes for the last seven years without her knowledge. He has a secret wife with two children, which he kept perfectly away from her. If you were in Anita’s shoes, what would you do? Here are the reactions of some entertainers;

I will divorce such a man – Adokiye, Singer

God hates divorce but I  understand also that there is a place in the Bible that validates divorce only on cases of adultery. Having another family outside your matrimonial home is a huge sin, a sacrilege and a betrayal to Holy Matrimony. Honestly, I would divorce such man.

Imelda J, Singer

Sincerely, this is one thing I won’t even wish my enemy. The first thing that will happen to me is shock. With tears and so much pain in my heart, I will try to find my balance first. The next thing is to think of how far and how well we’ve come along. His attitude will go a long way in influencing my decision. I will try to find out who the senior wife is, me or the other woman? I won’t inform my family first. However, I must do everything possible never to let him know that I am aware of his evil deed because it will only give him room for easy settlement and soft landing. If we did court marriage, I will file for a divorce but before then, I will make sure I do everything possible to secure enough of his properties and money for me and my children. Another option I will consider if I don’t file for a divorce is to make sure I triple my demands and have my own man outside too, the same way he hurt me. I won’t even stress myself. Before he finds out, I might have secured enough from him to sustain me and my kids. I will make him go through agony. The day he finds out, we will both apologise to each other or file for divorce. That way it’s 50/50. My philosophy of life when it comes to marriage is: Treat me the way you want to be treated.

Adokiye Kyrian

He can kill me, so I will walk away – Ruth Eze, Actress

A lot of trash talks happen on social media, but after all my investigations, If I truly discover that is indeed true, I will walk away. If he can lie about such a thing to me, he can kill me. So off I go.

I will leave for good – Nev Harrison, Comedian/Ventriloquist

Whether this discovery was made via social media or any other platform, it doesn’t really matter. What I know is that there’s definitely going to be trouble coming from me to her in all manner of shape and sizes. Whatever happened to talking to me about it first before marriage to see if I would still be interested in her? The real problem in all of this will erupt beyond control when this spouse eventually dies, because the strangers you never knew existed will want to have a say in how and where my late spouse will be buried. They will want to dictate how much money I need to spend in order for her to have a befitting burial and so on. I don’t think I’m built for that kind of drama, therefore if I find out that there is another family out there, I’m taking all that belongs to me and leaving for good. Such a person cannot be trusted in all other areas of life if they can hide something as vital as this from me. The disappointment would be far worse if I were a female. As a man, my spouse can only have another family elsewhere before getting married to me. It would be almost impossible for her to start up a new family elsewhere while still in an existing marriage with me.


I will walk out of the relationship – Boma Arinyedokiari, Actress

Of course i won’t do anything other than walk out of the relationship.

The first thing is to find out why he lied – Blessing Patrick, Actress

Anyways such will never happen to me but if it did happen to anyone, my advice for the person is to first of all be patient, even though it is not easy. Take time to find out why the spouse lied. That is the first thing to discover before taking any step and God’s leading should be the next step to take.

We are done – Aisha Ibrahim, Actress

Then we are done, unless it’s a fake news. No excuse he comes up with justifies his action. What explanation will I expect from him that will make me to accept it calmly.