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Hubby has three children from three women!


I got married to my husband 10 years ago. In all the years we’d been married, he’d had numerous affairs, three of which resulted in pregnancy. We have two children together.

Each time I’d forgiven him because I thought I could change him. He had a tough childhood. His mother was a single parent, who did what she could to raise her three children. He never knew his dad, who was one of his mother’s ‘helpers’ when things were tough for her.

I’ve tried to give him the love and stability he needs, but I’m sick and tired of being treated like a doormat.

Is there any chance of him ever growing up or should I cut my losses?

Zainab, by e-mail.

Dear Zainab,

I admire the way you’ve tried to help your husband, but this has got to stop. By putting up with his affairs, you’re just allowing them to continue.

He’s treating you with a complete lack of respect and he has to learn that his actions have consequences – and in this case, it could mean losing his family.

Sadly, men like him seldom change. Ten years of marriage and a long-suffering wife should be enough for him to try and be on the right track.

He has five children – you have two. The earlier you started thinking about the future of your children, the quicker you’d make up your mind to kick him out.


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