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Breaking: INEC vows to get to the root of of Kano underage voting

By Bose Adelaja and Gabriel Olawae
Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC has vowed to get to the root of underage voting in Kano, says PVC will be ready in March.

Chairman Independent National Electoral Commission INEC, Professor Mahmood Yakubu, Friday, said he will use his good office to get to the root of underage voting which recently took place in Kano.

Speaking in Lagos at the opening ceremony of 2019 Election Project Plan Implementation Workshop which took place at Intercontinental Hotel, he assured Nigerians that necessary investigations will be conducted on the matter.

INEC National Chairman, Mahamood Yakubu addressing pressmen on new release of 2019 Election Time Table and Schedule of Activities for 2019 Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Area Council Elections while at INEC Office Abuja. Photo by Gbemiga Olamikan.

More details on this soon

However, on Wednesday the Director of Publicity and Voter Education, Mr. Oluwole Osaze-Uzzi, said on the African Independent Television’s, ‘Kakaaki’ that underage voters were being registered in some parts of the country because the lives of registration officers are being threatened by some members of the community.

Osazze-Uzzi answering questions on ‘Kakaaki said, ‘I agree that it is the responsibility of the registration officer to do that (refuse to register underage persons), but there are times that circumstances are such that where there is present and clear danger that he risks being assaulted or being killed, I think it will be unreasonable to expect him not to succumb to the pressure. But we encourage them to report immediately they get out of that dangerous zone.

Even to the untrained eye, that child doesn’t look more than 15, but in such circumstances, you cannot argue too much with them. The law says the registration officer is entitled to act on some kind of identification or birth certificate or proof of age.

‘But very often, they are resisted, especially when there are lots of people there. They are challenged in a charged atmosphere and they are there without any protection. Many of them are there in strange communities which they don’t know anything about. So, there is undue pressure on them to register at this point.”

It is not a complex process, you display the voter register and people come there. That is in addition to the fact that the registration officer can refuse anybody registration. But we don’t expect people to risk their lives for what is essentially a simple patriotic service.”

‘But if they get away with that (getting registered) and the report is not taken, the second opportunity is when the register is displayed. The best opportunity is where higher officials physically look at each register as much as they can and those who are clearly not qualified are removed. So, it is a three-pronged process and there are different stages,” the INEC director added.

‘I think the law recognizes that being a human endeavor, it may not be perfect and that is why it gives some kind of leeway such that when you weigh everything together, it is a reflection of what the people have chosen.”

‘If one percent of the register has underage persons; will this affect the outcome? We agree that the register is the very foundation of every election and what we can do and what the media can do is that when we get these reports and we have a fair idea of where this issue is prevalent, we can look at the registers again, look at those who are clearly underage and try to weed them out and prevent them from exercising a franchise that does not belong to them legally.’


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