June 23, 2017

I brought fresh human skull home 5 years ago-Suspect

I brought fresh human skull home 5 years ago-Suspect

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A 52-year-old man, Tosenu Lussien , who was found with human skull by the police, on Friday, said that he brought it to his house some five years ago and kept it for future use.

The suspect, who  made this confession when he spoke with journalists at the State Police Command, Ikeja, added that  it was his first time of dealing in human parts.

“I saw the human head at Oko-Ode, Ishagamu area of Ogun State while on security duty and brought it home that I may need it later. It was fresh when I saw it but it is decomposed now.

“Am a traditionalist and I have been rendering services the people but this is the first time I will be dealing human parts.

“Somebody, my  in-law, then requested that I should help him get a human head, which he wanted to use for rituals in his  business and I promised to do something about it.

“Later, I also received a call from someone that he needed human part and I asked the person to pay me N150, 000. I didn’t know a policeman was calling until the police came to my apartment,” he said.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Administration, Mr Danladi Galandachi, who also spoke with newsmen on the occasion,  said the suspect usually charged up to one million naira  for the procurement of any human parts.

He said that the suspect was arrested by some policemen, who disguised as buyers.