May 21, 2017

Nigeria will be great again, Bamgbola assures

By Sam Eyoboka
CHAIRMAN, Lagos State Chapter of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Apostle Alexander Bamgbola, on Saturday made a profound declaration that Nigeria would be great again, but urged Nigerians to intensify their prayers for the nation and its leaders.

Addressing Religious corres-pondents at the foundation laying ceremony of the Olivet Bible Church’s Inspiration Centre in Festac Town, Bamgbola said the current challenges Nigeria was facing would soon be over because God is interested in the country.

The ceremony attended by the initiator of The Albino Founda-tion, Dr. Jake Epelle, General Overseer, Destiny Christian Centre, Bishop Dan Nnani a host of other ministers of the gospel, was the highpoint of the annual Greater Grace Conference of the Olivet Bible Church with the theme `Boundless’, at its head-quarters in Festac Town, Lagos.

“God will restore the lost glory and virtues of the country. This nation shall rise again; not too long, but very soon. We must pray more, and we will have victory; it shall be recorded in the comity of nations that Nigeria has risen,’’ he said.

Asked to describe the ceremony, Dr. Epelle said it was “what has happened is as a result of faith-fulness, doggedness, trans-parency, integrity and resources-fulness. God will always bless faithfulness and that is what we have seen here today.”

According to the social crusader, who had earlier prayed against evil forces militating against the development of the nation, argued that the Church is the only hope for this nation, whether anybody likes it or not.

The Chief Host/Senior Pastor of Olivet Bible Church, Pastor Owen Nlekwuwa, agreed with the earlier speakers, saying the glory and dignity of Nigeria would soon be restored.

“The dignity and honour that God has created this nation for will soon rise again and all its cha-llenges shall be surmounted. But you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He that gives you power to get wealth.

“God is concerned about the well-being of the people of this nation; it is His will that we enjoy super-natural abundance,’’ he said, urg-ing Nigerians to always pray for their leaders, with a view to building a great nation devoid of corruption and lawlessness.

“No one has the sole capacity and ability to solve all the problems of this country; it is our collective and civic responsibility to work for the growth of our nation,’’ he said.

Earlier, Rev. Muyiwa Maku urged Nigerians to donate generously towards the building of the two church projects, pointing out sadly that these are the days when Christians are so careful to give towards Godly projects because “they have lost their hearing power.” A total of N21 million was realised at the launch.