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What inspired our e-commerce platform, myKustoma- CEO Sylvester Chigbu

The Chief Executive Officer, myKustoma, an  electronic commerce and market research platform, Sylvester Chigbu has disclosed that he was inspired to establish the e-commerce platform owing to his harrowing experience in Balogun Market.

CEO, myKustoma, Sylvester Chigbu
CEO, myKustoma, Sylvester Chigbu

According to Chigbu, the experience was exhausting because the Balogun Market was unstructured.

“I could see a rich market that has so much to offer, but there was no structure, contact or direction to readily find the things I was looking for. The idea that became myKustoma evolved, but it gained root with that singular experience. A pre-knowledge of what you want, where you can find, inspect and buy is what myKustoma aims to offer. It is the merging of traditional commerce that effect relationship, trust, touch and feel; e-commerce for an easy round the clock access, and market research for market awareness,” he said.

Also speaking on the new e-commerce platform, the Digital Marketing Manager, Mr. Ahmed Bello-Osagie said that “sign-ups increase by the day, and social media enquiry has multiplied since launch day”.

According to him, “The myKustoma platform is a multifunctional online open marketplace for people to buy, sell and grow their business. The platform has five top categories in products, services, real estate, vehicles and jobs. With one myKustoma account, one can buy and sell items in all five categories. Many embrace myKustoma because of its wholesomeness that is akin to most Nigerian economic hustles that see people engage in more than one economic activity to earn a desired living.”

On his part, Eki Toju, myKustoma Sales Manager, said Nigeria has witnessed an explosion of the e-commerce industry in the past four years that CBN projects the industry would be worth $13 billion by 2018.

Toju, said “Innovative introductions like myKustoma promises not just a competitive industry, but also Nigerian development in the long run. The myKustoma would improve the Nigerian economy.

“The myKustoma would encourage many to engage in better and improved economic ventures. We support serial entrepreneurship. Specialization is very rewarding in developed countries of the world with huge capital to research, experiment and explore. With a platform like myKustoma in Nigeria, we can dabble in many things till a time our economy supports specialization and single multi-million naira endeavors for average Nigerians.”


“The myKustoma platform is transparent and flexible. It does not restrict buyers to buy online nor effect the anonymity of e-commerce. Buyers can contact sellers in real-time on myKustoma. They can negotiate prices, deals, discounts and very well complete transactions offline in seller’s shop or office.

“The realization that people can contact and visit physical stores and offices proved a great catch for Merchants, Service Providers and Manufacturers,” said Toju.



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