This is the season of weddings. Youths  engaged for marriage want to celebrate Christmas in their new homes. Others are aiming at the New Year. So, it’s not just a season of festivities, it is also a season of a new beginning for many.

File: Igbo Traditional Marriage
File: Igbo Traditional Marriage

Joyful Homes, this week, takes a look at preparations for marriage and how to be on guard so that “ unfriendly friends”, apologies to Pastor Bisi Olowoyo of the RCCG, Magodo, do not take advantage of the joyous event to bring sorrow into the lives of the young couple.

How to prepare

The time for wedding is a time for joy and so physically all arrangements are being made to prepare for guests while the couples also embark on shopping spree to make the wedding ceremony memorable.

In the midst of this, however, prayer is very essential and that factor must not be downplayed.

Why? I will share with you a few stories. First is the story of a single lady and her fiancé who were set for their wedding. On the day of the wedding, someone took the wedding veil and they had to get another to be used for the marriage ceremony.

According to the husband, they did not know the meaning of that missing veil until they got married and they had delay in having children.

If you think they were careless, then hear this.

For another couple, the relations of the bride were engaged in large cooking for the wedding. Part of the task was for them to prepare some dinner for the wife to take to her husband’s home. Now, they had placed someone there to make sure that everything went well.

Unknown to them, some relations had evil plans. They simply asked the lady who was watching over them to help them get soft drinks, and, she returned, they had dropped some substance into the food that the bride and her husband took that night.

That singular action of the so-called relations caused the couple to be childless for a long time.

Let me share with you a third experience. A hall was hired, as usual, for a wedding reception and of course it had to be supervised by some friends and relations. Unknown to the couple , one of those they put in charge was fetish and envious of the bride.

She placed an invisible substance on the seat reserved for the bride. The bride sat on it and the effect was that her womb was spiritually tied and she could have no children.

These are real stories but the good news is that, with the power of the Almighty God, they broke through and these stories were told as testimonies.

Thank God, they were able to manage the situation with prayer. Some other couples would have been separated forever.

This brings me to  another experience. This happened in Lagos here.

A young lady ( Lady F) married a young man but the step mother of the man, for whatever reasons  which I am sure not are unconnected with the unhealthy rivalry in polygamous home, vowed that the marriage will never succeed.

No one knows exactly what she did but fingers were pointed at her because she verbalized her evil thoughts.

To shorten the story, suddenly, the man went to America and never for one day called his wife.

Days, months and years went by and he never called. So, the lady was married but single.

Then, one day, she went for teachers’ verification conducted by Lagos State government where  she saw a relation of her husband. The relation asked if Lady F was still “ Mrs. X”. The lady replied in the affirmative.

The husband’s relation then called aside a colleague of the lady and told her, “ What a pity. This woman’s mother- in law vowed and saw that this lady’s marriage did not succeed”. If you think the lady was the only victim, you are wrong. The man also has remained unmarried even in America. So, both are supposed to be married but are single.

No one knows why the step mother-in-law did this.

One thing is certain, as the lady remains steadfast in prayer, the yoke will be surely be broken.

The essence of prayer

With all these experiences, I have shared with you. I hope you will take prayer seriously as you prepare for that memorable event.

Be careful and watch those who embrace you on your wedding day.

The Bible  teaches us to watch and pray.

Not only should the couple be prayerful, their parents also should not down play prayer as they prepare for the wedding.

This is essentially because the joy of parents remains incomplete if, for any reason, the marriage fails or has challenges that overwhelm the couple.

One expects that before two persons agree to marry, they must have

committed it to prayer. Sincere men and women of God should be engaged

to be part of the prayer.

Parents consent

This is another aspect that is so crucial.

Marriage partners must strive to get the consent of their parents.

Please don’t say, ‘ I’ll go ahead and damn the consequence’. The consequence may be more than you can damn. This is an issue I will discuss in brief by God’s grace in future editions.

As I was about to conclude this article, I saw a quote in Pastor Enoch Adeboye’s daily devotion manual “ Open Heavens”, which I thought I should share especially because I am of the view that failure to do what the man of God suggested could be an obstacle to a joyful home.

Titled, “ Fraud in relationship”, Pastor Adeboye gave series of examples. He wrote,” There are men who, with the promise of marriage, were sponsored by some women to become somebody, only for them to dump these women for some other ladies.

“Today, there are instances where a lady agrees to marry a man, and, as a result, he invests a lot on her education, sets her up in business or helps her get a good job; by the time he expects her to become his wife, he receives the shock of his life when she elopes with  another man”.

If your situation is similar to this, Pastor Adeboye suggested: “ Go and restitute!. Everything obtained by fraud must be returned”.

Don’t ignore this piece of advice.

Take the right steps and lay a solid foundation for your joyful home.

It is well with you in Jesus name.

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