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Buhari needs God to succeed — Adegbenro

Mr. Adejare Adegbenro is a chip from two old political blocs. Paternally, he is the grandson of Dauda Adegbnro, the now deceased premier of the former Western Region and maternally, he is also the grandson of Pa Alfred Rewane, the chieftain of the National Democratic Coalition(NADECO). A businessman himself, he shared time in an interview on contemporary developments. Excerpts:

By Emmanuel Aziken

Can you assess the just concluded general election in the country?

First and foremost, I think all Nigerians should give thank to God because it was, indeed, God’s doing that it was a peaceful election. It was against the anticipation of the people that a lot of lives would be lost, that election would not hold and that Nigeria would break. But glory be to God that Nigerians came together and spoke with one voice. In unity they elected a president that came from the opposition party for the first time in the history of Nigeria.

One cannot but mention the fatherly roles played by the likes of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, General Abdusalami Abubakar, President Goodluck Jonathan and Chief Emeka Anyaoku and a dogged fighter and unbowed democrat, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. If not for them, Nigeria could have become ashes by now. They have proved to be real elder statesmen and respected international figures.

What lesson did Nigerians learn from the election?

It teaches us to always be flexible because nothing is gold casted. Today, I have learnt that Nigerians have a voice. The election has shown that, whoever misbehaves in office would be kicked out through the ballot box.

What do you think were the problem that led to the ‘Change’?

I believe we should look at ourselves as Nigerians and not as Muslims, Christians, Hausa, Yoruba Igbo, northerner, south-south or whatever. Religion and ethnicity caused most of the problems. The second problem was lack of discipline that led to corruption. That was why Nigerians got up and said that President Goodluck Jonathan has done his best and that it was time to move and try somebody else. It is an open fact that majority of the voters in this country are the masses. And once their welfare is not guaranteed, there will be problem. If they don’t have job, if they don’t have shelter, if they don’t have power supply that would drive their business, if they don’t have even the business to be driven, then it is high time to kick out whoever is in power.

What are the challenges that will confront the incoming government?

First and foremost, as far as I am concerned, the incoming President, General Muhammadu Buhari will need all Nigerians’ support to succeed. It is God and not Buhari, that can solve the mirage of the problems plaguing the country. Therefore, we should all come together the way we did during the elections to assist him in the onerous task of


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