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Brazil 2014: SAP apps linked to Germany success

The power of information technology was not in doubt during the just concluded World Cup held in Brazil as German national Team that won the cup benefited from innovative technology developed by SAP.

Together with SAP, the DBF developed an application called SAP Match Insights, which analyses vast amounts of data about members of the German team and their opponents, based on their on-field performance.

This journey started last year when German national team general manager, Oliver Bierhoff, conducted some “market research” inside the locker room.

Bierhoff found that the players were most happy communicating with each other via digital platforms. Since communication was one of the main concerns during the tournament planning stage.

Bierhoff had commissioned SAP to develop an application that could facilitate the exchange of information about the team’s schedule, as well as data about the opponents.

“SAP’s involvement has transformed the football experience for coaches, players, fans, and the media,” Bierhoff, said, adding that, . “Imagine this: In just 10 minutes, 10 players with three balls can produce over 7 million data points. SAP HANA® can process these in real time and the team was able to analyse a huge amount of data and customise training in preparation for all of the matches.”

For Richard Edet, Managing Director of SAP West Africa, “This data can then be converted into simulations and graphs that can be viewed on a tablet or smartphone, enabling trainers, coaches and players to identify and assess key situations in each match,” .

According to Edet, “These insights can then be used during pre-match preparations to improve player and team performance.

SAP Match Insights based on HANA technology synchronized the data from scouts with the video footage taken from the pitch to make it easy for coaches to identify key moments in the game. Bierhoff liked it so much that he asked SAP to have the solution ready for the World Cup in Brazil and the rest, as they say, is the future.”

Players and coaches , Edet further explained quickly took to working with SAP Match Insights. A touch screen was put up in the players’ lounge in the base camp.

On top of that, the app, Edet added was downloaded on mobile devices. By using Match Insights and HANA, the German National Team coaches simplified training to improve performance, which makes the ‘beautiful game’ even more beautiful to fans worldwide.


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