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Floods and Famine – The Future is here – 1

By Dele Sobowale

With flood ravaging virtually every nation on earth where there has been record rainfall, it is important to issue a reminder to Governments and the people of this country that the devastation this year is likely to be worse than what we suffered last year. Read last year’s warning first and wait for this year’s.

“400,000 farms; 36,000 houses in Jigawa….in Kduna..heavy rainfall swept away more than 300 homes..”. PUNCH, September 18, 2012.

For more than twenty years, climatologists and futurologists have warned, an obviously deaf, world, especially the leaders of the advanced economies –USA, China, Japan, all of Europe – that a major climate change was inevitable and the conse ences will be catastrophic for the entire planet.

They were ignored. Major international summits aimed at finding solutions to the problems already being created by climate change, were often poorly attended, or when present, the powerful economies routinely watered down the resolutions, which necessitated revolutionary changes in their life styles.

US governments from Ronald Reagan’s to George Bush, Snr and Jr, administrations, were not only hostile to any suggestions which would alter American patterns of living considerably, they vehemently opposed their implementation.

Suggestions meant to reduce high carbon dioxide emission, which is a direct result of the continuous use of fossil fuel (oil and gas), were ruled out. Even, President Bill Clinton made only the minimum effort to reduce global carbon dioxide – even though the US with less than three percent of the world’s population accounts for about twenty five percent of global carbon dioxide; China is second.

Africa, as whole, emits less carbon dioxide than the US alone. But, poor and developing countries will suffer all the same because nature is not a court of law which dispenses justice as we know it. In other words, life as we know it, is being threatened because the world’s most powerful nation, America, is prepared to hold the rest of us to ransom until it is ready to change – which might be too late for the majority. At any rate, they have already advanced plans to colonise the moon and, now, Mars.

Rising levels of water resulting in flooding in areas previously not flood-prone, and drought in areas formerly experiencing good levels of rainfall, as well as destructive typhoon, hurricanes, cyclones and tornados, were among the predictions of scientists and futurologists.

Today, even George Bush, Snr and Jnr, must admit they were wrong and by delaying the implementation of the protocols aimed at averting disasters related to climate change, they have imperiled mankind in general and Americans in particular.

Every single one of the southern coastal states, as well as some inland states (e.g Texas) of America have been buffeted by tidal waves and record rainfalls, resulting in heavy losses of lives and properties and flooding. Simultaneously, the heat wave sweeping through the Middle Belt states of the US, this year, is unprecedented in the nation’s history in two hundred years. And, it might not be limited to this year alone. Crops are either being washed away or they are shriveling on the farm. No soothsayer is needed to predict the worst harvest in centuries in God’s Own Country.

Nigeria’s story, this year, is easily told. On September 14, several newspapers reported floods in Enugu, Anambra, Taraba and Kogi.  On September 17, it was Cameroon dam water destroying 49 communities in Cross River destroying farms and homes. The same dam from our neighbor had inundated thousands of farms in Adamawa State and sent unknown numbers of people into early graves. Ogun, Oyo, Kano as well as twenty other states add to the list.


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