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What is your motivation?

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What gets you going? Although it may seem to be an easy and simple question, the answer is rather intricate as it entails many nuances and it varies person to person. Knowing the answer can determine your ultimate success.

Everyone is motivated by different things. For instance, I have read that before Steven Spielberg begins filming, he watches Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, a film that moved him. This is his way of getting motivated. Being deeply moved is always an inspiring experience. At these times your thoughts are crystal clear, and you have no trouble generating enough excitement.

Motivation is defined as “the act of giving somebody a reason or incentive to do something.” It is having — or discovering — the enthusiasm to get up and accomplish a goal.

We all strive daily to accomplish our set of goals while staying focused on the tasks at hand. However, have you stopped lately to think of what really drives you to keep going?

Are you aware of what matters most to you in your daily struggle to achieve? Whatever your goal is you must be aware of the impetus that moves you to follow through on getting it done. Whether you are trying  to get a promotion at work, lose some weight, or pass an exam, how do you maintain your drive?

For me, what gets me going is very simple, its listening to loud music while singing along, and generally just being in my own zone alone when I wake up every morning. This alone always manages to make me feel very optimistic, positive, and energized by the time I get in the shower.

I am also motivated when I leave church every Sunday. Spreading my love, and being a good person also motivates me. In achieving my personal goals, knowing that I am on the right track and closing in on my goals by achieving small milestones motivates me.

For some people, all it takes  for them to get motivated daily is a short prayer, an hour at the gym or a bit of encouragement from a friend or family member. Most people are motivated by their children, an intense workout, or playing their favorite sport.

For others it takes the spirit of competition to drive their enthusiasm, or the possibility of being the first to do something, and most people are motivated by their children, an intense workout, or playing their favorite sport.

My colleague said to me “Death motivates me. I don’t want to have any regrets before the moment I die. This is the greatest motivator because it makes me live each day like my last, and the most special day in my life otherwise I will procrastinate too much.”

Death goes hand in hand with Time, which is the general consensus at my work place. Knowing that you can never make more time exist, or go back in time is a great motivator to make every moment count. Some men said that they get their motivation from watching sports; by watching people push themselves to the limit, and winning a football match or a tennis tournament.

Depending on your goals, age and at what stage you are at in your life, the factors that motivate you will be different. An integral part of reaching your full potential, and achieving your goals is

to learn your own motivational triggers. Understand what excites you— what makes you feel like you could conquer the world. This is how you drive your own creativity, whenever you need it. Each of us is responsible for our own success. People shouldn’t rely on someone else to motivate and inspire them.

Find what motivates you and make it a point to do it. We should all take that responsibility. You need to find out what gets you excited about waking up each morning and putting your best foot forward and ultimately being the best you can be.

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