By Ebele Orakpo

“Chei, things are happening in this country oo. The more you look, the less you see!” exclaimed Abbey, a commuter in the Ikeja-bound bus. “Imagine the amount of money the airport robbers got in a single operation!”

“To be honest with you, I think the robbers did us a favour. If not for them, we wouldn’t have known that huge sums of money leave this nation regularly because, according to the informant who works at the airport and probably gets peanuts as salary, huge sums of money leave the airport every Wednesday night. So the question we should be asking is: Whose money is it and where is it being taken to and for what purpose?” noted Nkechi.

“Hmm, left to me, I wouldn’t blame the robbers, they only went to take their own share of the national cake. It was the case of ‘out-thieving the thieves,’” said Mark.

“Yeah, right, but the only thing I did not like was the killing of innocent people,” stated Mercy.

“This shows you that our policemen can work when they want to. Because two policemen were killed, they went all out to fish out the robbers,” said Abbey.

“Sure. At least they have stopped mounting roadblocks and collecting bribe from motorists,” replied Mark, to which Yinka said: “For where? Last Monday evening, at the Pako Bus-stop along Lawanson road, a policewoman barked at the driver of a commercial bus to park. His offence was that he had passed that route five times that day without giving her money.

The passengers pleaded with her to let the driver take them to Lawanson and come back but she bluntly refused. The driver offered her his driver’s license to keep so he could go and drop off his passengers, still she refused. After over 30 minutes, the passengers had to find their way; unfortunately, she cleverly covered her name tag. I think such bad eggs should be reported to the authorities to be dealt with. She was supposed to be controlling traffic but you needed to see the kind of traffic her action caused on that narrow road.”

“Back to the robbers, what annoyed me most was the so-called pastor among them who got his share and instead of relocating from his wooden house to a better place, he used his share of the loot to buy two vehicles which he dedicated in his equally wooden church. That is just to show you that their time was up. He who the gods want to destroy, they first of all make mad. What he did was akin to madness,” said Nkechi.

“Ah, God don suffer! I doubt if he is a pastor. That guy is a re-branded babalawo. You know they wear suits now but the only difference is that they wear it with bathroom slippers. “Opening a church has become one of the easiest ways to make money  and our people are so gullible,” said Mark.

“The searchlight must be beamed on those taking the money out. Who sent them? This is the second time I am hearing that huge sums of money leave the airport everyday. They come in suitcases with armed escorts so everyone looks the other way,” stated Yinka.

Said Mercy: “Forget about fishing out the thieves. They are the ogas at the top. The matter will die a natural death and don’t be surprised if the informant is killed to silence him for ever.”

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