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Delta 2015: The Aniomas may bite the dust

EQUITABLY, it will just be fair that the governorship position of Delta State is  reserved, and served on a platter to the patient waiting Aniomas come 2015.The argument in favour of the Aniomas is as succinct as it is convincing.

The people of  this region of the state had not produced an Excellency of the state since it was created in 1991. But politics is far beyond a game of agreement, if not, all that the Aniomas need do is go to sleep while 2015 dawns.

Left to the people of Delta South senatorial district, the Aniomas will have nothing to worry about to achieving their goal come 2015. In fact, as far as the former is concerned, it could be such a deep sleep and one with both eyes closed with reckless abandon.

But I ask how well are the Urhobos of Delta Central with the present arrangement? I mean the indept, candid and sincere reactions of those that are members of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, with the present zoning understanding to zone the governorship candidacy of the party to the Anioma party members.

Again, politics in this part of the globe is not only a serious business but also dirty with the manifestations of all kinds of mischief. All that the Urhobos of Delta Central had cared about was the state capital being enough compensation for the Aniomas’ membership of the state.

Against this background, it will be foolhardy for the Aniomas to go to sleep because the leadership of the PDP at the state level has promised a shift of power to Delta North Senatorial district.

One thing the Aniomas must consider is, can other members of the party that are not Aniomas be trusted on the agenda of power shift? Won’t it turn out to be another constitutional matter where after the deed has been done, hue and cry of how the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria supersedes that of party will rent the air?

True that we have three senatorial districts inDeltaState. Having the support of one against the other will amount to coasting home in victory. But alas! Delta Central is bigger than any one of the two other districts. Just an alliance by trading away the deputy governorship position to any of the two of Delta South and North will make the difference by heralding the desired victory at the polls.

Perhaps, this understanding is the reason the people of Delta Central have been repeatedly accused of being politically arrogant.

Besides, the Urhobos cannot be trusted when the issue is based on the leadership of the state. They seemed to have provoked other members of the state by evolving an egregious claim to a continuous leadership of the state.

Fences are yet to be mended between the Urhobo  Progressive Union and Ibori, who broke the hegemony jinx by passing the baton of  leadership of the state to Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, an Itsekiri minority.

To the Urhobos who didn’t believe Ibori had enough guts to carry out what the former had referred to as sacrilegious, the shift of power to Delta South and an Itsekiri minority for that matter was calamitous.

Till date, why some rented old women defiled the streets of Warri  soon after Dr. Udughan was announced the winner of that gubernatorial election in protest of the emergence of a non-Urhobo as governor, or the “rigging out” of the DPP aspirant, Great Ogboru, remain to be seen.

The question on the lips of very many then was whether the Itsekiri nationality, where Dr. Uduaghan hails from, was not part ofDeltaState, and as such not qualified to produce a governor of the state?

The Urhobos have not stopped to arrogantly brandish or flaunt the fact that the leadership of DeltaStateis permanently theirs.

Irrespective of party commitment, the Urhobos have never compromised on the election of the governor of the state, a reason many are of the view that it is safe to trust the Urhobo man on other issues but certainly not the governorship of the state.

A case in point was the last gubernatorial elections in the state; atleast, we were all witnesses to results from Uwvie and Sapele LGAs. If the Urhobos who have blood ties with the Itsekiris on account of  mixed parentage and matrimonies could hold PDP, and their “benefactor”- Dr. Uduaghan by the jugular by pulling masks over party loyalty, how much more can be said of a governorship aspirant of Delta North origin and flag bearer of the party ?

There are a lot of reasons the people of Anioma should be wary of this “Greek gift” in the nomenclature of governorship.

Even though Dr. Uduaghan and other chieftains of Delta South senatorial district of the PDP meant well in the shift of power to Delta North, are the Urhobos in PDP in actual support of the plan or merely paying lip service to the intention of the party? Memories are still fresh with the allegation by the Urhobos of how they were shortchanged when the capital of the state was to be named in 1991.

Chiefly harbouring this grudge were the Urhobos of Ugehili who might have vowed to get their pound of flesh for the effrontery of the late Mariam Babangida in wooing over her husband, the then unchallenged military President.

Certainly, 2015 will be another ample opportunity to pay back the Aniomas; it is so obvious that the Urhobos are prepared for this.

It was even said that some key members in the cabinet of former Governor Ibori who were Urhobos were not happy with the Governor when the latter had embarked on a rapid development of Asaba, the state capital. But unknown to these cynics, the Governor, being a friend to the military, had embarked on the development of Asaba as a gift to General Ibrahim Babangida, a close associate. Babangida’s action, far from being wishful, was equally a gift on a platter to his spouse.

Curiously, how prepared are the Aniomas? Will the recent call for unity among the Aniomas  lead to fruition, or the anticipated uhuru for the Aniomas? The Aniomas should not be unmindful of some LGAs such as Ukwani, Ndukwa West, the two Isoko LGAs and the two Ikas.

The reason a lot works have to be done in these LGAs is, should Okowa failed to win the governorship ticket of the PDP, he may not stick out his neck for an Aniomas cause.  It pains that the people of Aniomas are yet to categorically say yes to Hon. Ochie or Senator Okowa.

The relationship between the trio of Dr. Uduaghan, Hon. Ochie and Dr. Okowa does not betray any iota of misunderstanding for an on-looker to infer such. It remains to be seen on how Dr. Uduaghan would manage the governorship ambition of both aspirants.

Mr. OKOFU UBAKA  , a social critic, wrote from Koko, headquarters of Warri North LGA, Delta State.


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