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FocusMaker keep photographers focused

Technology seems to be making everything easy for the professional photographers. Ordinarily they go through a harrowing time trying to change focus between subjects while shooting a video, for example, with a DSLR camera.

The auto-focus often makes a stuttering noisy clip which doesn’t give much texture to the video. But today a technology company, Follow focus systems, has made it easy for the photographer by introducing what it called the Focus maker which has a handle meant to help changing focus smooth.

The newly-launched FocusMaker is the latest example, which promises the fastest and most accurate focusing of any affordable rack focus system.

While traditional follow focus systems are big expensive affairs the FocusMaker does the same job but aims to bring a more professional look and feel, while retaining an affordable price.

The FocusMaker primarily consists of a sight, which attaches to a non-moving part of your DSLR lean, and a ruler which straps around the focus ring of your lens. Because these parts strap around the lens, they can fit pretty much any DSLR lens out there.

Users then clip multiple markers onto the ruler at the points they’ll want to focus, before adding the handle. Looking through the sight, they can then move the handle to smoothly change the focus between the predetermined points. This makes transitioning between shallow depth of field shots, and accurately hitting them, a lot easier.


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