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Actress Halima Abubakar’s cancer support strategy … good or bad?

By Charles Mgbolu

Many have said popular Nollywood actress Halima  Abubakar missed the point and could be playing with fire and her career for daring to cut her hair right down to the scalp because of a strategy to support cancer victims.

A statement from her reads “I was invited to participate in a cancer awareness campaign by Waodiva and MTN. They did workshops on cancer, and a lot of survivors attended. I cried when I saw them. It was really shocking that people can go through this kind of traumatic experience. I decided to take off my hair as a way of honoring them.

Halima’s new look

If you shave your hair, you understand better what it is. If you have someone who has gone through the ailment, you will understand what I am talking about. Who doesn’t want hair? Hair is every woman’s glory. Shaving my hair is my own way of supporting the call against this dreaded disease.” – Halima

Reactions has since poured online with many pointing that she’s supporting a good course in a wrong way.  One anonymous wrote  “My dad had cancer and the best you can do is to be there for them as a support through the process. Just that moral and emotional support makes a huge difference. As for shaving I really can’t see the connection.”

But Halima was defended by another, “For the cynicals here, no, she’s not looking for your approval, she shaved her hair as a way of creating awareness about the dreadful disease, hopefully with this, people like myself will go get checked, let’s not forget Remi Lagos died recently of cancer, so for anyone to come here and discredit what Halima has done is just beyond the realms of stupidity and ignorance!

One Tosan wrote “Celebs abroad shave their hair, and sell, the money is donated to cancer foundation to help the cure and research..pls Nigerian Celebs should study well before they copy!!, how has shaving her hair helped?”

While a Dina yet again defended Halima “All those saying there wasn’t need for her to shave, I want to tell you something….If you want to feel pain, you inflict it on yourself, if Halima shaved her hair because of the cause of Cancer, that’s how she wants to be part of it and feel what cancer patients go through. And if I may ask you all that condemn her action, what significant things have you done yourselves…”

The  banter goes on and on… back and forth.

Cancer victims suffer hair loss because of the chemotherapy treatments they are subjected to and this is what Halima claims she is identifying with. But was this really the right way to support cancer victims?

Hit us with your comments and lets read your thoughts.



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