By Evelyn Usman
When a Lagos  housewife (names withheld) had an accident recently, she was relieved to see help coming from a 28-year-old man, Seyi Olumide. In fact, Seyi, who claims to deal in computer accessories, assisted the middle-aged woman to the hospital where she was given medical care and later  volunteered to also take her damaged vehicle to a panel beater for repairs.

However, unknown to the woman, the innocent-looking boy that was delivering such rare humanitarian services to her in times of need, had ulterior motives.  All his moves were simply a ploy to warm his way into the family’s heart. The plans blew open later when he attempted to snatch the woman’s vehicle from her garage and eagle-eyed Policemen from Igando division intercepted him.

Crime Guard learnt that the holder of Ordinary National Diploma in Computer Engineering from Ondo state Polytechnic, reportedly went to check on the victim last Sunday  only to discover she was still in the hospital.

Surprisingly, he broke into the apartment from where he collected the key to the Camry car and  documents,with a view to driving the car out, only to be accosted by a member of the family who raised alarm that alerted residents of the area. But for the intervention of policemen from Igando, Seyi would have been set ablaze.


The father of one who was paraded before newsmen at the Oduduwa office of the Lagos State Police Command, Wednesday, startled everyone with his claim of being hypnotized. In fact, he told anxious journalists that his case was more of a spiritual issue, stressing that he was under a spell.

According to him, “ it was never my intention to steal . In fact, my problem began when I was given birth to, as there was a prophesy that I would be an Evangelist . But as I grew older,  I refused because I feel I am grown enough to hear God. At least if he wanted something from me, he should tell me. Besides, I am not cut out for this Evangelist stuff, I just want to get something that will earn me a living.

On that day in question, I was just sleeping in my house dressed this way ,when something strange woke me up. I called the woman on phone and she told me she was in the hospital. When I got to the house, the strange voice that used to hypnotize me suggested I should go in and collect the car key.

Immediately the voice spoke, I lost my senses and broke into their sitting room through the ceiling and collected the car key and documents. But when I stepped out, I was unable to drive the car immediately. I just sat down thinking of where to park it  if I stole it. Then I decided to go out and see if anyone was coming only to behold a member of the family.

She initially did not know my mission. I just greeted her and left with the key and documents wrapped with a paper.  That was when I knew the game was up. I decided to go and drop the key and documents because I felt it was useless going to take the car when someone was around. But when I  went back,  the lady  raised alarm and people started beating me.”

Asked what he would to have done with the vehicle, he replied, “ I intended using it for commercial purpose so as to be able to feed my family because I discovered driving a commercial vehicle was more lucrative than working in an office”
The new spokesman for the Lagos State Police Command, Mr  Joseph Jaiyeoba who paraded the suspect before newsmen revealed that the suspect was once arrested over similar case last year, a case which was charged to court, with the hearing coming up on the same day he was  paraded.

Asked to react to the PRO’s claim, Seyi nodded his head saying, “ It is true. I have a case in court. It is the same trouble I told you about. I do not know what is wrong with me. I have a problem and I know . And that problem is that I am always controlled by a spiritual force.

In search of solution to my problem, I had gone to several churches for prayer.  I had gone to a C.A.C church in Ikorodu last  March for a  prayer vigil. On my way back, I met a Gulf vehicle parked. The voice then came again, asking me to drive the  vehicle away. When I tried the boot, I discovered it was open. So, I drove the vehicle home and started using it for commercial purpose.

Asked how he was able to start the ignition without a key, he revealed that he was with a  Vanagon key which he tried on the ignition and it fitted..

He reportedly used the gulf car for commercial purpose for six months before he was arrested. His arrest, according to the PPRO, was made after one of his friends who suspected that the car was stolen reported him to Policemen in Igando.

Asked if his wife was aware he stole the vehicle, he replied, “ no, she was not. I told her a friend of mine who traveled out of the country kept it in my care. From the money realized, we were able to move out of my parent’s house and rented a one-room apartment with the sum of N75,000” Presently, I have the sum of N48,000”, stated the son of a Deacon .

At this juncture, Seyi  who is a keyboardist in one of the C.A.C branches in Igando begged this writer to help him out. “ please help me out because I do not know what the problem is. I only get back to my senses after obeying the strange voice. My parents are aware of the problem and had taken me to different prayer mountain for prayers. I do not know whether it has got anything to do with the prophesy of my becoming an Evangelist. But my question is, it possible for God to call someone without the person knowing”?

My regret
My heart bleeds for my parents because I have brought shame to the family. Being the first child, I am expected to be an example to my siblings but here I am, dragging my family’s name in the mud. My appeal therefore is for my parents to forgive me. They should also not forget that it is not my fault”

The arrest of the suspect, according to the command’s spokesman, was a demonstration of  the command’s resolve to flush out criminal elements in the state.

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