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WDU VC reveals problems facing private varsities

By Godwin Oghre

The issues giving rise to poor students academic performance in Nigeria tertiary institutions of learning, particularly in the private university, were trashed out last week at the Western Delta University , Oghara, Delta State at the occasion of “Parents Consultative Forum”, a programme organized by the authority of the institution to intimate parents on the performances of their children in the school. The forum also brain stormed on possible solutions to students poor performances in the institution.

The Vice Chancellor of the institution, Professor P.G. Hugbo, itemized many habits of the Nigerian students, particularly, those in private higher institutions, using WDU, as an example.

According to the Vice Chancellor, some students do divert their school fees to improper channels, thereby, denying the university of funds as at when due. According to him some of such students indulge in gay dressing, pulling expensive cars on campus, smoking and womanizing. Some

unserious students, according to the VC, also would not attend lectures, leaving the lecturers with the option of calling them on phone to attend lectures, which, he said, was too bad.

The VC also mentioned cases where students will not register for their courses as at when due, forcing the school authority to impose a fine of N5000. for late registration of courses.

He also talked about students who damage school property at will, making WDU to introduce caution fee. Some, he said, would pack out of school hostels and hire private accommodation outside campus without informing the school security authority, for the purpose of getting undue liberty.

The VC cited a case of the entire students given themselves election holidays in the month of April 2011, in many private universities, particularly WDU, when the school authorities did not approve of it, calling on students to desist from such habit. He also condemned a situation where some parents have been found to aid their children in cheating during examination.

There are also students, according to the VC, who make and receive calls with their GSM sets, while lectures are in progress, an act which often cause disdain to the lecturers.

One of the lecturers who spoke at the forum, Professor Sani, narrated an urgly incident to the audience of how a female lecturer who attempted to restore and ensure modesty and decorum during a lecture session, was booed by students and she burst out weeping. He urged parents to help teachers to tutor their wards in custom and values of the society and in schools.

The VC encouraged parents to try to pay their children school fees by themselves and to try to assist private university authorities instill discipline into students.


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