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LASAA storms market; brings down product advert banners

By Charles Mgbolu

The Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency recently stormed the computer village in Lagos state with agency officials using water hoses to soak and tear down illegal advert banners pasted on walls and the only bridge that runs adjacent to the market.

At first, there had been a mild face off as livid markers inside the market who have heard that their posters, banners and advert signs were being torn down had trooped out of the market to yell and rained abuses on the officials who had said no word in reply.

Even though the LASAA officials had kept mute, no place had been left untouched as they painstaking made sure every illegal banner pasted around the outskirts of the market were destroyed. This includes those pasted on the walls of shops that faced the high road and then under the bridge.

But as they got more closer to the shops and outlets, more tempers flared and some of the angry computer and phone traders had to be restrained by their colleagues who feared they might get arrested should they physically assault the officials.

One Mr Godwill Okoli was at first too angry to speak with this reporter but when he eventually to calmed down. He lamented that some of the banners destroyed were just pasted there by him only a few days ago and he had spent his hard earned money to get the banners up and pasted because he had to ‘settle’ street touts “I spent close to N30,000 on these banners and posters and these people are just coming here to destroy it without even bothering to give explanations first,” he said.

A very bitter Mr Okoli said he had not told by anyone that putting posters and banners outside the boundaries of the market were illegal.

The agency has inception embarked on the implementation on what it has called “Streetscape Optimization Process and System” (SOPS) for all facets of the City’s streetscape, including, signage of all forms, outdoor advertising, and street furniture within the Lagos State boundaries.

The agency’s web page states that it’s mission is to modernize, standardize and regulate streetscapes so as to benefit the state, citizens and visitors alike.


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