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Senior civil servants caution politicians against negative utterances


LAGOS – ASSOCIATION of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria, ASCSN,  has cautioned politicians to guard against negative utterances that could dent the country’s image abroad.

ASCSN’s Secretary-General, ASCSN, Mr. Solomon Onaghinon, in a statement in Lagos, said local and international observers, including the European Union, EU,  rated the National Assembly elections held on Saturday, April 19, 2011 to be reasonably free, fair, credible, and transparent.

“Nigerians who have always been unanimous in condemning previous elections rated the last poll to be reflective of the wishes of the electorate and scored the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, more than 75 per cent,” he said.

Onaghinon expressed surprise that few unpatriotic politicians were trying to condemn the elections in areas where they lost and cautioned them against damaging the country’s image because of their personal greed.

“In addition, they have started criticizing and condemning the other elections yet to be held, arguing that grand plans had been put in place to rig in such elections.  This is highly unpatriotic,” he said.

He noted that undemocratic process of political party primaries needed to be improved upon, so that candidates would no longer be imposed on the electorate, who have become wiser and might decide to vote for other political parties in protest.

Onaghinon,  added “political party primaries should be held a year to the general elections to enable the candidates present themselves to the electorate. Duing the last National Assembly polls, most voters did not know the candidates. Nigerians now want to vote for individuals with credible antecedents and not political parties.”


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