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Maximising opportunity! (2)

By Bishop David Oyedepo
Opportunity is taking advantage of situations by the gifts of God in your life.
You look at a situation at hand, and by the abilities loaded inside you, you are able to determine where a particular good would sell and you go a step further by taking it there.

Last week, I brought you the first segment of this series, in which I showed you a way of locating opportunity. In that teaching, I focused on how to locate opportunity by a search. This is a summary of what we studied last week.

This week, I will be showing you other ways of locating opportunity with the first one, which is by catching it. At other times, you don’t need to search for opportunities, because they just present themselves to you. When this happens, you don’t wait; you cash in on them!

In the early years of my secondary school education, I picked a book and discovered that the author was a palm-wine tapper, who didn’t even understand English. I found out that the stories in the book were the folklores told him by his parents. I grew up among old people and knew many such stories. So, I told myself that this would be of advantage to me in the future.

I read many African Writers’ Series novels. At my leisure time, I would write down all the stories my grandmother and old uncles had told me. That was how I began to develop myself in the art of writing.

I would write articles and send to my elder brother, who would mark and send them back to me. I kept myself busy that way, not knowing that a day would come when I would sit up one night and write eight chapters of a book!

That is cashing in on opportunities. Opportunities abound all around you; all you need to do is to catch them. May you see the ever-abounding opportunities that surround you!

Today, I have written over 60 inspirational and motivational books covering various aspects of life.

The Bible makes it clear that there are people who became prominent through the opportunities that came their ways and which they utilized.

David, for instance, saw an opportunity in Goliath, whom he killed, and he ascended the throne in Israel (I Samuel 17:12-51). Joseph saw an opportunity through the cup bearer in the prison.

After interpreting his dream for him, Joseph told him, “When you get to the palace, remember me.”

The highway of life is dotted with opportunities; all you need is to be sensitive in order to catch them. May they not slip by you unutilized anymore! Anything you get involved in that can add colour to your life is an opportunity.

Anything that can put smile on your face or increase your productivity is an opportunity. Cash in on it! In case opportunity does not come to your door, pursue it in a search.

Another way of locating opportunity is by creating one. If at the end of your search you can’t locate an opportunity, then create one! The woman with the issue of blood said in her heart (through creative thinking), “There is no way I can get to Jesus, because of the crowd.

If I may but touch the helm of His garment, I will be made whole.” She created an opportunity for her healing (Matthew 9:20-22).

You create opportunities through creative thinking like: “It can be done,” “I can do something here” and “If nobody hires me, I will hire myself.”

Creative thinking helps to locate opportunities. You have a God-given ability to create things, if you are His child. You can make it happen! You can work something out for yourself!


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