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Amstel malta, Mohammed Alli and the 70s TVC

By Princewill Ekwujuru
By the time you see the new Television Commercial (TVC) of Amstel Malta, one of the drinks from the stable of Nigeria Breweries Limited (NBL), you may think that Mohammed Alli, the World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion of our time is resurrected from his present ailment.

It is not a deceit, but a fact that in the late 70s, Muhammed Alli, real names,  ( Cassius Clay Jnr) was the brand ambassador to Amstel Malta which has been on production line since 1870.

The reason,  makers of the drink advanced for conjuring up the 40 years old TVC, Jacco Van Linden, Marketing Director of NBL, said,  was, “Alli is a unique material, NB thinks what is unique about Muhammed Alli is his uniqueness. We believe that the man is too unique to be kept away from the public, and that is why we have to seek audience from the family to relive this material for the consumers of Amstel Malta to see and know that both products ones blended together.”

Continuing, he said, “with the exploits, vibrancy and the energy exhibited by  Alli in the ring is a sure blend of the attributes of Amstel Malta from which the world is seen as a vibrant place full of endless possibilities and opportunities just like Alli. You have got to make choices to squeeze the very best out of life; to be the best you can be. Go for things that energise, excite and inspire you.”

“This new TVC is one the brand is particularly proud of as it showcases a aynergy between what the brand stands for , being the best that you can be and the greatest boxing champion of all time— Mohammed Alli.”

The Tvc opens with Alli testifying to his association with the Amstel Malta brand, stating, ‘Muhammed Alli and Amstel Malta…We are champions of the world.’

Explaining further, Linden said, “this TVC was short in the early 1970s during the peak of Alli’s boxing career, and NB has received permission from the International Amstel team to use this material now.”

Amstel malta’s sponsorship of the Amstel Malta Box office continues to will continue to make dreamscome true. The latest move, ‘The Child’ starring AMBO4 winner Wole ojo has nine nominations for the 2010 African Movie Academy awards (AMAA), he hinted.


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