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Tributes, condolences for Maryam Babangida


By Luka Binniyat & Wole Mosadomi

She was a mother to all of us
— Gov Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State

“She was a mother to all of us. We all respected her. She brought a lot of respect to the office of the 1st Lady. Before her, not much was known about that office.

And she used that office to bring to attention the issue of rural development; the issue of the rural poor in a manner that had not been done by anybody.

“She demonstrated that all  of us who occupy very privileged positions should not just look at our own material comfort, but have the time to reflect on the conditions of the poor.

“Her work under the Better Life for Rural Women remains something that I haven’t seen any programme that has rivalled it.

“She was very humble, because those of us who had the opportunity to meet with her saw a woman that was extremely caring. We will all miss her. And it is a pity that she left at the time she did. She had even immortalised her name, even by her work.

…epitomised African womanhood — Gov. Ohakim Ikedi of Imo State

“She epitomised African womanhood. She brought international attention to the rural dweller, through her pet project – Better Life for Rural Women.

“Her dead is a tragedy and all Nigerians will miss her. This world is stage, and eventually, everybody will play his role and leave.”

…was powerful—
Gov Sule Limido of Jigawa State
“I knew her in 1967. She was very powerful and commanded the respect of everybody.”

It’s a terrible blow
— Alex Akinyele, former Minister of Information, Sport, Youth and Culture.

“It is a terrible blow. If as an ordinary person, I could feel it so much, I wonder how IBB would be feeling. I am talking out of experience having lost my wife in 1988. Such moments are indeed very sad for those who lost their wives who loved them.

“She was an epitome of glamour and handwork. In spite of her status, she remained very simple and friendly with everybody.

…woman of great achievement

—Abubakar Rimi, former Governor of Kano State
“She was a woman of great achievement. Because of her records, there may not be another woman like her immediately. She helped a lot of women, through her pet project – Better Life for Rural women.

This uplifted a lot of women, not only in Nigeria, but the entire Africa, economically. She has contributed her quata in the education sector, by building a school of International Standard. I pray God to grand her eternal peace and her family the mind to bear her lost.”

…affected my life very much
— Mohammed Abacha, son of late General Sani Abacha
“She was a mother to me. And it is always difficult to describe a mother. She has affected my life very much. Wives of future leaders should emulate her, in the way she affected the lives of the down-trodden ”

…. It’s a great loss — Senator Jubrin Aminu, fomer Minister of Petroleum under IBB
“It is a great loss. I will continue to mourn her. The country will miss her contribution. But, we thank God for her life. And we pray that God will grand the family the fortitude to bear her loss. Wives  of Nigerian leaders should learn from her tireless and endless sevice to Nigeria.

...uplifted Nigerian women — Chief Alao Arisekola  – Aare Musulimi of Yorubaland
“She contributed immensely to the  upliftment of Nigerian women and children at large and I pray that Almighty  Allah will accept her soul.”

…left behind elegance — Segun Osoba, fomer Governor of Ogun State
“She left behind elegance. And one thing I love about her and that I used to tell her was that she maintained her natural self. Maryam was not  used to make-ups. The Maryam that you saw anytime of the day was natural. Because she was proud of what God gave her.”


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