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ANA 1st colloquium in honour of Aderinokun holds in Lagos

All is now set for the first colloquium in memory of late Tayo Aderinokun , founder  of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, who was a patron of ANA Lagos chapter. The colloquium which is put together by the Association of Nigerian Authors ,ANA, Lagos Chapter, is scheduled to kick off  on October 24, but according to the association, neither the family of Aderinokun nor GTB have shown any support.

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On the top shelf

Stoicism, the system of philosophy in which Marcus believed, was originally a product of Middle Eastern thought. It had been founded some 300 years before Christ by Zeno, a native of Citium (now Larnaka) in Cyprus, and received its name from the ‘Stoa’, or colonnade, at Athens where he was accustomed to discourse.

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From Grass to Grace: Exemplary life and times of Nwadike

THE journey of life and rise to stardom is always determined by many factors. While some made it to the top because they were born with the silver spoon, others were not, but were able to make it by a dint of hard work and dedication. Which class does Chief Andrew Ndidi Nwadike belong to?  How did he handle his challenges of birth and poor upbringing to become  a deputy governor of Central Bank of Nigeria? These and other issues are what the octogenerian put down in his autobiography entitled: From Grass to Grace.

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Chronicles of life and public service of Rahamon Bello

MANY great men and people of undeniable influence and astounding contribution to the society achieved greatness by virtue of their birth. Some were not opportune to come into the world with a silver spoon but were able to achieve greatness through dint of hard work. To which class does Professor Rahmon Bello, the 11th Vice- Chancellor of the University of Lagos belong? These and other issues surrounding his life are what the duo of Ralph A. Akinfeleye and Ismail Ibraheem unravelled in his biography entitled: Prospects in Retrospects: Life and Public Service of Rahamon Adisa Bello.

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