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Critical review of Soyinka’s The Beatification of Area Boy

WOLE Soyinka is a Nigerian known across the globe as a playwright, novelist, poet, critic, actor, director and a human rights activist who relentlessly castigates his generation often with a clear-cut blueprint for its moral regeneration, mostly through satire. Soyinka, reputed for his constant healthy criticism of the nauseating structures in his society, engages this age-long task artistically from a very different plane in the play, The Beatification Of Area Boy.  

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National degeneration, thoughts of generational paradigm shift and optimism in Ebi Yeibo’s A Song for Tomorrow…

Ebi Yeibo’s latest collection contains forty-two poems and these poems outnumber the poems in his maiden collection of poems titled MAIDEN LINES.  It is interesting to note that it is perhaps in acknowledgement of Ebi Yeibo’s poetic sophistication and commitment that A song for tomorrow and other poems has deservingly won series of literary awards since its publication. 

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Edozie interrogates migrant issues in New Nigerian…

After the abolition of the inglorious transatlantic slave-trade a couple of centuries ago, a lot of people in Africa are still engrossed in what can be termed modern day slavery. One irony of the present slave trade is that while the people were forced and sold into slavery in the olden days, the present day slavery is voluntary in that people transport themselves outside the country to be enslaved.

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