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Ask Aunty Julie

I don’t think I still love him

I have been dating my guy for five years but things are not working out as they should. We have been having conflicts . I don’t think that I love him anymore! My friends think I should take things easy and give the relationship another chance but I’m confused. What should I do?

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Relationships: I lost my virginity to him, yet he thinks I’m cheating

My boyfriend complains and sometimes gets upset that my vagina is looser than other times. He thinks I’m cheating, but I’m not. I lost my virginity to him when I was 19 and we are planning to get married when I graduate from the University. Now, I’m 22 and we are still an item and this problem is surfacing. What’s going on?

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I was raped!

I have been living in shame and most times, I’m very depressed. When I was living with my uncle, one of his friends did something very bad to me and I have not been able to say it out until now. I was violently raped and on my own, I went to the hospital. I was told that I need to get a pap test and other tests as there could be damage from the force used. I’m really frightened about the whole idea of it. Do I have to be lying down and what do they do? It’s stressing me out! I’m 23 now but the rape happened when I was 22.

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