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I was raped!

I have been living in shame and most times, I’m very depressed. When I was living with my uncle, one of his friends did something very bad to me and I have not been able to say it out until now. I was violently raped and on my own, I went to the hospital. I was told that I need to get a pap test and other tests as there could be damage from the force used. I’m really frightened about the whole idea of it. Do I have to be lying down and what do they do? It’s stressing me out! I’m 23 now but the rape happened when I was 22.

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I feel disgusted about kissing because it’s slimy, not very appealing

I think something is wrong with me and the way I feel about relationship issues. I feel disgusted about kissing because it’s slimy and not very appealing. I have had a few boyfriends and sexual experiences but never because of love but because it’s normal. I am yet to fall in love or even have a crush or enjoy anything sexual. I have tried the different gender but that did nothing for me either.

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She doesn’t like condoms

My girlfriend doesn’t like condoms. She prefers sex naturally without any artificiality. We have begun having sex recently. The first few times we did, we used condoms. But she doesn’t feel good with it. She said she prefers to feel me. Lately, we stopped using it. I always pull out before I come. Is this still safe? Is it safe to re-enter after this? I will appreciate all the help. Thanks.

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Why did she break up with me

Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you are the one left wondering what went wrong. This must be a tough time for you, especially considering that you were planning on proposing. It can appear challenging to start over when you thought you had your life all squared away. But start over you must! Have faith and believe in yourself — it will become easier with time.

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Help he’s not interested in sex anymore

I have been married for five years and have two boys. I am still the way I was before child-bearing. My shape and slim looks are still intact and many people who don’t know still see me as a hot spinster and I always tell the guys that I’m happily married and they should stay off. But an important issue is shaking the foundations of my marriage.My husband has had little or no interest in sex for about a year.

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