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Shuaib Ozoku rebukes Nigeria with the Bribe

The Bribe, by Shuaib Ozoku, published by New Dawn Books, is a writer’s perception of the problem of corruption in the Nigerian Society. Corruption is an endemic disease that has eaten deep into the fabric of our society. It seems to be an enduring phenomenon, especially in a country like Nigeria where it is no longer news to hear of top government officials stealing public funds.

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Eclectic African storyteller thrills in album listening revelry.

Omenka art Gallery, the hub of artists in Ikoyi, over the weekend, witnessed a convergence of folk and cultural music enthusiasts when Ibejii, a delectable Nigerian folklorist engaged the audience in an interactive album listening party, taking them through a journey of heritage awakening. The choice of the gallery for the event connotes the cultural and artistic blend of the Ibejii concept as a brand.

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The masters’ gathering for the 50th year of Christopher Okigbo legacy

This year, 2017, marks the golden anniversary of the passage of Christopher Ifekandu Okigbo (16 August 1932– September 1967) the Nigerian poet, teacher, and librarian, who died fighting for the independence of Biafra. Okigbo is today widely acknowledged as an outstanding post-colonial English-language African poet and one of the major modernist writers of the 20th century.

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